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15 Topics Guaranteed to Start an Argument in Taraba and How to Prevent It

Before we talk about topics that can start arguments in Taraba, the following incidence will throw more light to why unnecessary arguements need to stop.

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BREAKING NEWS…Re-Run Election Results Declared at Mbamnga & Gembu Headquarters

This is to bring to your attention results of the re-run election as posted by someone who has been in touch with key personnel at the collating headquarters at Gembu and Mbamnga.  Official results by …

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These Tarabans Were Making a Very Big Mistake That Could Kill Them

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.” Goethe, 1826. This statement became ever so true along Zing – Mayo-Belwa road on Thursday 18th February, 2016. As we were driving along the road from …

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Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku’s Magnanimous Victory Speech to Tarabans

After waiting under the hot sun for several hours happily dancing away, the people’s governor finally arrived from Abuja. The air sparkled with joy as people lined up from the Airport to the Stadium screaming …

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The Day Taraba Stood Still: A Day Tarabans Will Never Forget in a Jiffy

Some people said it was a waste of state resources to welcome the governor, others felt declaring a public holiday was a total waste of human resources; still others felt celebrating the governor’s return may …

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Tarabans Prepare to Welcome the People’s Governor in Grand Style

taraba gov

Tomorrow Thursday 18th February 2016, Tarabans will come out en-masse to receive and welcome their Governor, Arch. Darius Dickson Ishaku, wife of the Executive Governor, Barr. Anna Ishaku and their entourage from Abuja.  He has …

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Why Tarabans Should Separate Religion from Politics

It is increasingly becoming clear that Tarabans are divided along religious lines. Most Christians are supporting their candidate while most Muslims are supporting their own candidate. This was not so in the past. Keep reading …

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Dangers of Hate Statements in Taraba and How to Tackle Them

There have been lots of hate statements on social media lately since Taraba State governorship case started from Nov. 7th, 2015 and was finally settled by the Supreme Court on 11th Feb. 2016. Some Hate …

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What These Tarabans Feel About Certain Non-Tarabans Will Shock You

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.(Henry Thoreau). Our Supreme Court gave us truth. To the 7 presiding Supreme Court Justices and the people who condemned the Taraba Tribunal judgment through media …

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Breaking News: Supreme Court Affirms Darius Ishaku Gov. of Taraba State

The supreme Court affirms Gov. Darius Dickson Ishaku as Governor of Taraba State on the basis that APC has no Bearing. UUUUUP   UUUUUPPP DDI.

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