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The Rescue Icon Never Relents

By Destiny Tony. Amidst legal fireworks surrounding his continuity in office, Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State who is also known as The Rescue Icon by Tarabans has haven launched his administration’s Rescue Agenda never …

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Taraba Court of Appeal Judgment : FACTS of LAW You Should Know About The Case

The Court of Appeal in an unanimous decision/judgment handed down on Thursday the 31st day of December,2015 dismissed in toto the petition of Senator Aisha Alhassan of All Progressive Congress (APC) and upheld the election …

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How Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku Plans To Rescue Taraba State

By Daniel D. It is said, leaders are born not made. The governor while addressing Taraba State Youth in His Office reiterated his commitment in rescuing Taraba State from the challenges the state is facing …

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Senator Aisha Alhassan: Questions Begging for Answers

Ever since Senator Aisha clinched the governorship ticket of the APC, her name has been awash in the media. This has made many people want to know the woman who can defeat men to become …

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The Cross Appeal By Sen. Aisha and APC

By Barr. S.B Paul. Awonikoko SAN for Sen. Aisha and APC introduces the appeal, tries to adopt their cross-appellant briefs. Kanu Agabi SAN for Gov. Darius rises informing the Court that he filed a notice …

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Taraba Appeal: The Many Flaws in the Tribunal Judgement that Called for Appeal

TaraVoices have started becoming popular. Much needed quality info from reliable sources has started trickling in. Here’s a precise and detailed breakdown that was submitted to us by an eye-witness in the appeal court. This …

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7 Consequences of Insecurity on North Eastern Nigeria

Boko Haram is a radical extremist Islamic terrorist group that was founded in 2002. Based in Nigeria, they have focused primarily on limiting Western influence and have been attempting to create an independent state since …

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Gov. Darius Ishaku’s Giant Strides in the Water Sector.

Gov. Darius Ishaku’s Giant Strides in the Water Sector. The chief servant of Taraba State, Gov. Darius Ishaku has continued to deliver on his campaign promises. It could be recalled that during his campaign, the …

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11 Effects of Insecurity in Society

Eleven Effects of Insecurity in the Society Insecurity can cause all sorts of issues for individuals that ultimately impact the whole of the society. Not only does insecurity and the lack of self-confidence make a …

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12 Effects of Illiteracy on Society

‘Readers are Leaders’ is a phrase that is often quoted as community activists discuss the value of literacy in society. This phrase is true because successful people often learn effective leadership techniques by reading the …

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