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Find out How Cancer is Caused by Intake of Acidic Foods and Other Stories Here:

Pasta shells variety

  How Cancer is Mainly Caused by The Intake of Acidic Food The surprising reason most people get cancer: Genetically modified foods do not cause cancer – DG, NBMA corrupt doctors try to force vaccination …

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I don’t sell body parts, says teen nabbed with human skull. Get This and More Here:

Body parts dealers

  I don’t sell body parts, says teen nabbed with human skull When this body part is defined, people notice. Can your body become resistant to UTI meds? How rift dislodged Shekau in favour of …

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Get What Nutritionists Eat for Breakfast and Other Stories Here:


  What nutritionists eat for breakfast when they have no time Burn 20% more fat before sitting down to breakfast this morning One of the world’s top nutritionists reveals the ultimate breakfast: Crack in BokoHaram …

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Do You Experience Low Back Pain? Get How to Relieve it and More Here:

Likely back pain victims

  80% of adults experience low back pain. Tips to relieve it. Treat back pain naturally – without surgery   You’ll be 40% more likely to get back pain: Nasarawa: Workers Storm ATMs, As Govt …

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Support Breastfeeding Moms Anytime, Anywhere. Get This and More Here:

Breastfeeding moms

  It’s Breastfeeding Week! Support moms to breastfeed anytime, Nigeria insists on exclusive breastfeeding to combat Malnutritio The health benefits of breastfeeding for mother and child: We’re still searching for 5 policemen abducted in Rivers …

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The Menace of Diabetes; Experts Talk on Predisposing Factors.

Diabetes test

        Diabetes Mellifluous, commonly referred to as Diabetes, is defined by the online Wikipedia as a group of metabolic disease in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period in the …

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See 8 Immunisations Women Should Take and Other Stories Here:

Women immunisation

8 immunizations important for adult women: 20 things men will never understand about women: Life after Kony: how Uganda’s women are rebuilding their lives More than 100 residents evacuated due to a sinkhole Many feared …

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You Need To Know This Before Your Next Job Interview: Get This and More Here.

You need to know this before your next job interview Did you wake up extra tired this morning? This could be why: It’s #NationalGirlfriendDay apparently! Remember all good relationships are key to good mental health: …

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Do You Know That 9000 Women Die of Cervical Cancer Annually in Nigeria? Get This and More Here:

Cancer awareness logo

  9000 women die of cervical cancer yearly in Nigeria, Soy products can activate cancer genes – avoid at all costs. Nigeria: Police Take Over cancer patient’s Fundraising 42-year-old American skydiver becomes first person to …

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Check Out the Health Benefits of a Cold Shower and Much More Here:

Cold shower

  5 legit health benefits of taking a cold shower: How could digital health support doctors in addressing Nestle nod to health gets a dose of technology A new program in Liberia will advance access …

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