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17 Interesting Facts about Her Excellency’s Visit to Sunkuru, Ndola Community

First VIP to Visit: No Governor’s wife or top politician has ever visited the community other than Her Excellency, Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku. The people of this isolated interior village called Sunkuru have never voted …

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Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku’s Magnanimous Victory Speech to Tarabans

After waiting under the hot sun for several hours happily dancing away, the people’s governor finally arrived from Abuja. The air sparkled with joy as people lined up from the Airport to the Stadium screaming …

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The Day Taraba Stood Still: A Day Tarabans Will Never Forget in a Jiffy

Some people said it was a waste of state resources to welcome the governor, others felt declaring a public holiday was a total waste of human resources; still others felt celebrating the governor’s return may …

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What These Tarabans Feel About Certain Non-Tarabans Will Shock You

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.(Henry Thoreau). Our Supreme Court gave us truth. To the 7 presiding Supreme Court Justices and the people who condemned the Taraba Tribunal judgment through media …

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Taraba Case: Can Money or Connections Influence the People’s Mandate?

The following comparison table clearly shows that the people’s mandate will be respected by the Apex Court on the Taraba case. We all know that our Supreme Court Justices cannot be bought with money, moved …

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The Taraba State Governorship Case as it Relates to Recent Decisions of the Supreme Court.

buhari supprem court

Dissatisfied with the outcome of the State governorship election in Taraba state in which Gov. Darius Ishaku of PDP was returned as the duly elected governor by INEC, Sen. Aisha Alhassan of APC and All …

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Mother to the Motherless: Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku Hosts Orphans.

Today, Jiajia, a Chinese orphan, was offered a home in America by the Wilsons after being in an orphanage for 14 years. His joy knew no bounds and his story brought tears to many. Last …

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