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Even the Downtrodden Can Testify.

By Jumlang Stephen Jumlang 

As a keen observer of the unfolding political spectrum of Taraba, I concluded that democracy in my Taraba was a government of the elite for the elite and by the elite. Little did I know that there was going to be a paradigm shift from the old order. 

His Excellency, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku

In my curiosity, I tried making comparison with the regime of Reverend Jolly Nyame and Late Pharmacist Danbaba Suntai of blessed memory. 

In my opinion, I thought both of them were fortunate to be at the helm of affairs when the ruling Peoples Democratic Party PDP called the shots. The economy was buoyant and the price of crude oil was sky high. 

Both past leaders did their best to transform my dear Taraba state and exited when their time was up except for the latter who did not complete his term due to the unfortunate circumstances of the ill-fated Plane Crash which of course we all know what eventually happened to him. 

I took a critical look at the level of our development as a state under their watch and came to a conclusion that they were lucky with the finances that were allocated to the state way back. 

Now, fast forward to the present day reality. You will agree with me that leadership is indeed a calling and not something you gatecrash into. We are experiencing a very trying moment in Taraba state. The government at the center is not too disposed to helping the opposition party littered in a few states when it comes to allocation as it feels only states where they call the shots deserves more. 

In my Taraba, the less privileged or better still the downtrodden are at the receiving end of the economic backlash affecting most opposition states. 
He came with a mantra which snowballed into an anthem “Give me Peace and I will give you development “. Has it worked out yet is something that only the downtrodden can testify to. 

From the organized private sector came this bulldozer of an Architect armed with a penchant for touching lives where necessary, Governor Darius Ishaku who has not fallterd even with the limited resources at his disposal rather, he has exceeded all expectations.

Is it food security, relative peace, improved water and power supply, complete and ongoing inter city road network, revolution in the education sector, low crime rate, improved healthcare in both rural and urban areas, improved IGR and many more. 

The common man on the streets has only one anthem on his lips, “Taraba Sai Darius. Ikon Allah”. 

He has defied all odds by creating chiefdom installing third class chiefs to the disbelief of many as well as liberated tribes and people who otherwise were in bondage and servitude for decades long under oppressive circumstances.

What more does he need to do for you and I to reconsider. 
The time to reel out the achievements of this astute leader is now. 
He has exceeded all expectations and given us a valid reason to re-elect him for a second term. 

His large heart is full of love and affection for Taraba so says the ordinary man and woman on the streets. 

I have no doubt in my mind that a vote for DDI is a wise choice. He will do much more than we ever ask or think.

A Taraba of our dreams is very possible under the able leadership of DDI.

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