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Igbos in Taraba Endorse Governor Ishaku for second term

The Igbo Community in Taraba has thrown its weight behind Governor Darius Ishakus re-election bid.

According to the leader of delegation and Eze indiIgbo Chief Chris Obi, the Igbos have resolved to stand behind Governor Ishaku as his footprints in the development of the state is very glaring.

He added that security which has been the major concern of the Igbos and has been alluded by the Governor.

He stressed that the Igbos have decided to stay back and vote in Taraba as against the norm of always returning to the south east during election season.

Eze Obi appreciated Governor Ishaku for appointing two sons of the Igbos into his cabinet and assured him that they will do their best and mobilize their kinsmen to come out enmass and vote for him.

Responding, Governor Ishaku thanked the association for the solidarity visit and assured them of his pledge to do more and ensure they enjoy their stay in the state.

He commended the association for the manner they have been conducting themselves and urged them to remain calm as their security is guaranteed.
He disclosed that the request for a vehicle to enable them join his campaign team is granted and any other request will looked into.

Other speakers who lent their voice with solidarity messages includes a Frontline businessman Mr Uche Obi and SSA to the Executive Governor chief Jude Chume.

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