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Taraba launches Electronic Internally Generated Revenue System (e-IGR)

The Taraba state government has on Tuesday in Jalingo launched the automated system of revenue generation in the State known as e-IGR, aimed at shifting from the old manual system to the electronic system of revenue collection.
The state government had partnered with a private enterprise BizzDesk Group to bring the task to a reality.
During the occasion, the Taraba state Governor, Darius Ishaku, stated that the ‘Rescue Mission’ can’t succeed unless the state had funds hence the need to “device means and ways of taxing ourselves”.
 He said the launching of the e-IGR was part of his promise for a public/private partnership in the State.
According to Ishaku, the e-payment system was deployed in salary payment of state and LG staff as well as Pensioners and therefore urged all MDAs to key into the exercise.
The governor however, warned that “revenue accounts operated by MDAs, apart from the ones authorised by the Board of Internal Revenue were illegal and must be discontinued”.
Meanwhile, Gov. Ishaku decried the situation where natural resources like oil and solid minerals were the exclusivity of the federal government under the Exclusive List and suggested that the List should be devised in such a manner that “the goose that lays the golden egg” partake in the share, adding that the state government had charge over the land but only the FG had access to the resources in the land.
Gov. Ishaku also added that unless the government invests in essential infrastructure, investors may not come.
The governor who was recently at the Africa/Singapore Investment Summit, disclosed that so many investors were willing to come to Taraba but for the insecurity. He gave the assurance that they would soon begin to come as he was able to convince them.
Earlier on in his opening remarks, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Saleh Kaka, stated that experiences from other states reveal that automated collection of revenue was better than the manual collection as transparency and efficiency would come to bear.
The BizzDesk Team, demonstrated the process of e-payment which include; enumeration, billing and collection of tax; generation of Tax Identification Number (TIN) and assessment of taxpayers.

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