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Taraba By-election: The atrocities that haunted Sen. Alhassan

There is the saying that goes: “the pit you dig for someone, might land you in”. That was the true picture of the craft, the conspiracy and the intrigues hatched by the Minister for Women Affairs and APC governorship aspirant in Taraba state, Sen. Aisha Alhassan, in the run up to the Takum 1 House of Assembly By-election last Saturday, against the formidable PDP government of Darius Ishaku.

Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard of all these intrigues, not until the APC flopped in the election trailing behind PDP with a paltry 3287 votes against PDP’s 10,500 votes.

The Minister had continued to ‘press charges’ against the PDP government, saying they masterminded the attack on her in Takum, whereas it was learnt it was the thugs she hired from Gombe and Bauchi to do the ‘dirty job’ that descended on her for failing to fulfill her own part of the bargain.

Therefore, it is strictly an APC affair and does not involve the PDP led Taraba government.

Besides, it was alleged that about 20,000 voters’ cards were found in her custody, which is a reflection of her desperation for power. Besides, the recalcitrance of INEC and DSS to investigate the matter only put paid the widely held notion by Nigerians that the Buhari government is out to carry out a clandestine agenda against the opposition.

Be that as it may, she actually claimed that Gov. Ishaku was rejected in his constituency when he went for campaigns.

Okay, accepted, if at all that is true! But to be rejected and chased out of Anguwan Sarki- an APC stronghold and her biggest support base, does not add up at all….will Aisha Alhassan, an opponent of Darius Ishaku be rejected in his constituency as well him? That is the question all concerned Tarabans must ask! It is either that they reject Ishaku or Aisha Alhassan, they can’t reject both….

Unfortunately, people are not asking those questions but basing their arguments on ordinary beer parlour talk.

By the way, there is no avenue to test the popularity of Darius Ishaku, other than the heroic welcome he received right in the heart of Takum, his constituency, when he went on a thank-you visit. It extended to Mararaba in Donga LGA, down to Bali, to Sunkani in Ardo Kola LGA to Mile Six in Jalingo and down to his very abode, the Presidential Lodge, where our mothers, left their homes in solidarity with the Rescue Captain.

The die- hard youths were highly enthusiastic, joyful and in a frenzy. They loved the governor and they demonstrated it. It was a love from the depth of their heart.

Ultimately, we the political pundits have come to a conclusion about the last elections that took place in Taraba.

For one, we had a vibrant set of youths who sold their conscience and were hired to do a dirty job but betrayed, even though they were not sentimentally attached to the Minister.

On the other hand, we had a set of equally vibrant youths, who were not bought, but for the love of DDI, demonstrated their love for him with the way they came out. The judgement is yours!

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