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NGADA Development Area Bestow Title on Gov. Ishaku

The Ngada Development Association under Ndola from Ngada Special Development Area of Taraba State awarded Governor Darius Ishaku with an honorary title yesterday at the Executive Chambers of the Government House Jalingo.

In a speech presented by the Coordinator of Ngada Special Development Area, Rev. (Hon) Nagombe Joseph Titus, stating there is no action so endearing than making an impact on the lives of ordinary people.

The incredible act of his Excellency to liberate the Ndola people within the enclave of Ngada from their nasty state of livelihood through the relentless effort of Governor Ishaku towards making the area thrive by all leaps and bounds calls for the Ndola Community to salute His Excellency with a special Title that means much to the race.

The Title ‘TAA NDOLA’ meaning the father of the Ndola people was conferred on Governor Darius. One of the most Significant reasons for such a laudable title was the remarkable visitation of an 18 hours road trip to Sunkuru in 2016 by the Wife of the Governor, Barr. Anna Ishaku who is also known by the Ndola community as ‘Naa Ndola’ meaning Mother of Ndola people. In doing so, the people saw the fulfillment of the rescue agenda amongst other achievements like the Construction of 25 gigantic offices named Anna Darius NGADA Special Development Area Secretariat, employment of over two hundred Junior, construction and equipping of two health centers in Sunkuru and Dori villages, e.t.c.

In addition, there was a presentation of a book titled ‘NDOLA PEOPLE AND REGION IN AFRICAN HISTORY’ dedicated to his Excellency and his family.

Governor Darius appreciated the Ndola community for the honor of the title and expressed his happiness over the much-needed development in the Area. He further mandated that the new book should be circulated to the State University, Polytechnic institution and even the State library for research purposes.

Speaking with Taravoices, Mr. Charles Ishaku, member of the House of Representatives, Kurmi Local Government Area, said the title ‘Taa Ndola’ of Governor Ishaku is well deserved and the meaning stands true to the core of the Governor’s character, of being a worthy father to the state down to the grassroots.

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