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Gov. Darius condoles with people of Zing Local Government over fire incident

Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku has condoled with the people of Zing local government over Wednesday fire incident that left many dead and scores sustaining life treatening injuries. Tankers carrying fuel had exploded near a busy spot in the town, killing many. Describing it as heartbreaking, the governor said government is seriously looking into the matter to critically assess the immediate and remote causes of the incident.

In a statement shared by Senior Special on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello, Governor Ishaku said the incident left him deeply sad. He said, “I’m deeply touched by this incident because it is coming at a time when we are also dealing with all sorts of issues surrounding loss of lives from the herdsmen and other terrorists attacks. Life is sacred and when it is taken forcefully, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. To families and friends of victims, I can say it is not only Zing that is mourning but the entire state. I therefore convey government heartfelt condolences to the people of Zing, especially to the victims. We pray God to give them the fortitude to bear these loss. While we can’t restore lives, we are committed to assisting victims as they grapple with this tragedy. Already we have deployed health support facilities and working with other agencies to provide first aid succour to affected persons”

He said that apart from the prompt response mechanisms in place, which was effectively deployed, government is committed to dealing with tankers menace working with relevant road safety agencies.

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