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Residents of Mayo Ndaga receives Assessment Committee and assures honesty

The people of Mayo Ndaga constituency have been enjoined to live in peace with one another so that they can go about their daily businesses with ease.

The appeal was by the Galadima Muri, Tukur Abba Tukur on behalf of the Chairman and members of the assessment committee, pleading with the residents of the area to put the past behind and work in harmony for the progress of the land.

Tukur Abba Tukur told them that the world is now a global village and whatever is happening in the Mambila Plateau is in the eyes of the world, stressing that what is happening in Sardauna local government has attracted the attention of the world and therefore there is the speedy need to coexist peacefully with each other.

He told them that it is as a result of it that the assessment committee is constituted by Govermor Darius Ishaku, bringing together elders of proven integrity cutting across the three geopolitical zones of the state and pleaded with them to be sincere and honest and tell the assessment committee the truth about the numbers of deaths recorded, houses burnt, properties destroyed and other loses incurred during the two crises.

The Galadima Muri assured the people that the committee will be fair to all and discrete in all the assessment that would be carried out and that the Governor is very interested in what is happening in the area and that he is determined to ensure that peace reigns in Mambila Plateau and challenged them to support the good intention of the Governor.

Responding on behalf of the people of Mayo Ndaga constituency, the Jauro of Ngubin, Mohammad Inusa thanked the Governor for having sympathy on the people of Sardauna and asserted that they will ensure that all that would be presented to the committee are factual.

Jauro Inusa said they will compliment government effort by assiduously working very hard to restore confidence and trust among the people and to ensure that peace pravails in all the affected areas in Naga constituency.

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