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Rev. (Hon.) Nagombe T. Joseph visits NGADA Cocoa Plantation Farm at Amburu

Rev. (Hon) Nagombe T. Joseph, the coordinator NGADA Special Development Area, has proven his resilience despite his umpteen task to see for himself the level to which the NGADA Cocoa plantation project in Amburu progresses. In the era when leadership is seen as an opportunity to amass wealth, get fame and live at ease, Nagombe (as a rare gem) has proven contrary this assertion. Getting to the farm requires hours of trekking, which will take only a visionary/exemplary leader to embark on such journey.

The coordinator was accompanied by Hon. Solomon Isa ( Senior Special Assistant to Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku), M.r Amos Angyu (NGADA SDA director of Agriculture and Natural Resources) and the locales.

The coordinator stated that he was determined to ensure that the farm gets to the level NGADA SDA has targeted and that it was doing well in order to fully transform it into a company. He maintained that the development area planned to have over two hundred thousand cocoa stands.

He appreciated the effort of the staff working on the farm and promised to continue with their remuneration. He also applauded the security personnel (the vigilante group members) for their gallantry toward curtailing perceived invaders and arsonous individuals.

The coordinator has instructed and released the fund for the construction of a four-room wooden house to provide shelter for the staff on the farm.

He registered his condolence to the Amburu community over the demise of NGADA cocoa farm manager.

NGADA director of Agriculture and natural resources, Mr. Amos Angyu on his part, echoed his readiness to cooperate with the coordinator to ensure that the farm was given the needed attention.

This is evident to show that Gov. Darius Dickson Ishaku is working, steering Taraba state towards self-sufficiency.

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