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How You Can Make Money Selling Taraba Green House Produce – Part 1

In the last few years, particularly between 2015 and now, there has been increasing awareness about the need for Nigerians to return to the farm. From government to private individuals, the campaign for this need, has  been heightened, especially in the face of the rising cost of food price, with every one volunteering views on how a return to agriculture remains the most viable way out of the current recession.

The business of selling Green House produce is not capital intensive one, though it needs a lot of planning and time investment. The interesting part is that, with little or no cash you can successfully begin the business.

So much has been said by experts as to how agro-business can be a money- Spinner, but one need not to be an expert or consultant to know how to make cash as all you need do is to take a step. Some of these steps are;

  • Taking a step to visit your potential customers with your products, this potential customers are Restaurants, Supermarkets, offices and shops e.t.c.
  • Advertising your products and establishing a good relationship so that you can get used to each other. In taking this step you will begin a venture that can change your financial status for good.
  • Also you can make sales using social media, instead of buying data and wasting it on un-productive activities, you can now get your customers contact and invite them to be your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp etc., so that any time they need to place an order, you can be there at a call or message.

The little Tips listed above should help you generate income and live a better life and we hope to see you at the top.





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