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P.D.P Holds Non Elective Convention In Abuja.

The former President of Nigeria, Good luck Ebele Jonathan says peoples Democratic Party PDP, is poised to take over leadership of the country come 2019.

He said this on Saturday during the non-elective convention of the party which took place at the Eagle Square, Abuja saying that Nigerians are hungry and there is the need to come together and wrestle power from the APC and put food on the tables of the citizens.

Former President stated that time has come to look into some of the mistakes of the past and work towards correcting them with a view to taking over the leadership the country, saying that Nigeria has the capacity to offer better opportunity to its citizens in terms of best democratic practice which will be comparable to any country in the world
Goodluck Jonathan maintained that most Nigerians are suffering at the moment because of the ineptitude of the present leadership, stressing that the onus of rescuing the country from the present hardship is only the PDP and tasks all members of the party to team up and once again put smiles on the faces of Nigerians which has eluded them since the ruling APC took over the leadership of the country.

The former President averred that the All Progressive Congress APC, has failed the country in all ramifications and have consistently lied to the people, positing that the once fastest growing economy and most preferred destination for investment in Africa was plunged into recession, due the fact that the APC led Government lacked the capacity to lead the country effectively and efficiently.

Accordingly, he said lots of lessons have been learnt and time has come to put all past misdeeds behind and begin to work collectively to salvage the country that is on the verge of collapse, saying that, most of the programmes put in place by his administration to transform the country have been jettisoned by the APC led Government and is the reason the party is unable to lead the country in the right direction.

He maintained that taking over the Aso Rock should occupy the mind of every PDP member in order to restore sanity and good governance and trust to Nigerians, pointing out,  that time has come to run the PDP in line with Democratic tenants and giving every party member the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the party and the development of the country.

In his speech, the caretaker Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Dr. Ahmad Makarfi said the non-elective convention of the party is meant to give the party the opportunity to ventilate with a view to bringing the entire members together by putting the past experiences behind and forge ahead for the common good of the party.

Ahmad Makarfi stated that the party has passed through a lot since the party lost the 2015 Presidential election and said is a happy moment for the entire family converging in Abuja with a view to building a solid foundation to relaunch the party to a victorious path based on mutual alliance which has been the Cardinal principle of the PDP, describing all members of the party as people that are not only together because of common ideologies but blood related.

He stressed that trust and sincerity are what the party wants to inject into the party so that people of the country will begin to experience a new dawn in Democratic practice that will relaunch the party to part of greatness.

The PDP caretaker Chairman commended the judiciary for its forthrightness, which he asserted culminated into the hosting of the convention, adding, if not for the judiciary, plans were hatched to frustrate the non-elective convention of the party and also appreciated the INEC and security agencies for their support.

Accordingly, the Caretaker Chairman revealed that the choice of Saturday was deliberate, which coincided with the world youths day, positing that attention will be focus on the youths by the party, particularly in making sure that the youths of the country are properly cared for educationally, saying that loan scheme will be provided for them to realised their dreams and potentials for them to contribute maximally to the development of the country.

He said the present jacked up in the nation’s tuition fees is unacceptable, saying when families are battling on how to put food on the table, they are now subjected to paying higher school fees and asserted that when PDP takes over all the trends would be reversed and measure would be put place to better the livelihood of all Nigerians and asserted the party will work hard take over power and rescue the country.

Ahmad Makarfi prayed for the speedy recovery of President Mohammadu Buhari, saying that the PDP will continue to pray for him to come and continue with his work as the President.

Ahmad Makarfi said the Party will work assiduously to accord the desired support to all PDP families, giving equal opportunities to the vibrant youths, men, and women and said the PDP have learnt serious lessons from the past mistakes and now, is time to forge ahead and reposition the party for the common good of the country.
In his opening speech, the Governor of Delta State, who is the Chairman of the Convention Planning Committee, Ifeanyi Okowa said the hosting of the non-elective convention confirms that PDP is back and ready to steer the country in the right direction.

Ifeanyi Okowa stated that the party is now free from all kinds of leadership troubles and willing to provide unequaled and unique leadership and stressed that, PDP is back and will never disappoint the people and it will ensure that democratic practices thrive in the party across the country.

The Chairman planning committee maintained that the PDP and the entire leadership collectively learned bitter lessons in the 2015 election and have resolved to imbibed the spirit of internal democracy, saying that the Saturday’s gathering was divinely ordained.

He maintained that the mistake has afforded the party opportunity to correct all her past mistakes and to re strategies to make the party much better in terms of carrying out effective leadership role come 2019.

The Delta State Government said the country has experienced another political party in term of leadership and pointed out that time has come for the people of the country to compare and contrast between the PDP and APC with a view to making a better decision in the 2019 election.

Ifeanyi Okowa remarked that the ongoing reorganization of the party will usher in the principle of fairness, equity, and justice and explained that the ongoing sincere reconciliation is to forgive, forget the past in order to forge ahead for the success of the party come 2019.

The non-elective convention extended the tenure of Ahmed Makarfi Led Caretaker Committee by four months and also dissolved the party executives of Adamawa, Borno, Kebbi, Lagos, Ogun and Osun states and mandated them to conduct their elections within three months.

Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku Ishaku led a large crowd of PDP supporters and loyalists to the convention.

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