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Music Is A Therapy- Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku

The Wife of the Executive Governor of Taraba State, Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku yesterday attended the Dedication and launching of the First Album of the Women Fellowship (Zumunta Mata) titled ‘WE HAVE COME ALMIGHTY GOD’, at the Salvation Baptist Church, Jalingo.

Her Excellency while addressing the Congregation said ‘Music is a Therapy, a medication for the Soul.’ She explained that anytime an individual is feeling downcast, listening to music can administer healing and recommended it for both young and old.

Barr. Anna Ishaku reiterated on her admiration for the efforts of the Women in the spread of the Gospel through Music and thus charged the Chairman of the Occasion, Mr. Gibon Timothy Kataps and other Pledgers to re-launch the Album from the earlier stated Amounts.

The Chief Launcher, Rt. Hon. Abel Peter Diah (Speaker of the House of Assembly, Taraba State) in his speech, said the Women Fellowship of the Church have done the Mambila Plateau Convention proud and wished for the Cassette to go all over the country and not only in Taraba.

He launched the Album with the sum of 500,000 thousand naira.

The Pet Project of Her Excellency, the Hope Afresh Foundation gave 35,000 thousand naira for the Dedication and Launch of the Album.

 Album Lounching


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