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The Journey of A Bill

By Dr. David Charima

It is said that the path of success is often always resisted. And the bigger the achievement in view, the greater its challenges but the best its outcomes.
Today’s accent into law of the Anti-Open Grazing Bill by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Taraba State, Architect Darius Dickson Ishaku FNIA, after the passage of the bill at the State House Assembly is the right step in the right direction.
Despite resistance, agitations and street protests against the bill, it has finally come to be and the law is above all.
It is important to reflect, however, that the bill has no legal intentions to undermine any group, race or religion neither does the Bill negates grazing. It only explored better ways of grazing acceptable in accordance to global best practices.
Though, many affected may not appreciate the sudden shift in paradigm from traditional open grazing to modern grazing techniques that ensure safety, reduces stress, enhances productivity, creates employment and prevent/control the animal to human diseases amongst other ills that necessitated the bill.
We must also not forget so quickly that the need for peace to allow for development was the original womb of necessity. Following incessant attacks by unknown herdsmen on farmed lands, villages and subsequent wasting of lives and destruction of properties without any tangible Intel on suspects by security agencies nor was there a prompt response by the Federal Government, the Chief Security Officer of the State, Arc.Darius took it upon himself to find lasting solutions to multifaceted attacks netted on lives, hard earned properties and disruption of peace.
The government took cognitive steps to mitigate the menace by proposing a bill for an act to prohibit open grazing and promoting modernize ranching which has tremendous benefits than demerits.
Subsequently, following unwarranted agitation sponsored by the opposition in an attempt to score cheap political points, prevail on gullible but loyal Fulani citizens of Taraba and incite violence for a state of emergency to replace duly elected government, the government in its wisdom quickly inaugurated a steering committee to enlighten the public on the importance of the Bill in all the senatorial (Northern, Central and Southern) zones and it received overwhelming acceptance by all and sundry.
We must thank the dogged, passionate and caring headship of His Excellency, the government and the House of Assembly for ensuring that lasting peace is sustained for developments to take course.
Congratulations Your Excellencies,
Congratulations Taraba State and
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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