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Kasuwan Bera: A Peculiar Market Day in Jalingo

Nigeria as an industrious nation has spared no time in becoming a highly business oriented country, be it in food production, cosmetics, clothing, textile and other areas. Many People who are no strangers to markets like the Popular Onitsha or Aba markets in the Eastern part of the country, patronize this places to get the best quality of products for their money’s worth. This phenomenon is widely spread even to the North East part of Nigeria precisely in Taraba State, Jalingo, where there is a special market day for Customers to purchase desired items at very affordable prices. Residents of the town of Jalingo have scurried more often to the unique market day known only as Kasuwan Bera in the Hausa dialect meaning Rat Market.

The name of the Market ‘Kasuwan Bera’ which is very ironical because no actual Rats are sold there, it’s called such to portray how affordable products can be. The Market operates only on Mondays and is situated along the Axis of the Road block to ATC area of the town.

What makes this Market day different from other market spots in the city is in its Availability and Affordability of items. Many Tarabans can testify to getting almost any item they so wish in the market, ranging from Food ingredients, Kitchen Utensils, to Clothing of all sort.  Also, there is a relaxation spot in the Market where weary Customers could take a break from the bustle of the area and indulge in their locally made brewery known as ‘Brukutu’.

Mr. Abdullahi Yusuf, a trader of Baby clothing, told Taravoices correspondent that business is booming as usual because compared to the last two months, prices of items are coming down and one major challenge is a lack of flow of money sometimes.

It is appropriate to say that many Tarabans who continue to express patronage of this Special ‘Kasuwan Bera’ are equally helping in enhancing the economy of the State regarding revenue generation and who knows maybe someday, someone could refer to it as one of the Mega Markets of the nation at large.



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