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Taraba State: The Need for more Streetlights in the Capital

Plangnaan Longmut

Arch Darius Dickson Ishaku and his administration in assuming office, had a methodical inspection of the power generating facilities in Taraba State which led to the rehabilitation of dilapidated power transmitters in some communities in the State. The Governor who is no stranger to the power sector, having served as the Minister of Power in the Goodluck Jonathan Administration, has passionate concerns for the power generation of the State.

The stability of power in some areas of the state capital Jalingo has however not extended to the streets causing poor lighting and in some cases total darkness. Road users in Jalingo, have complained of damaged Street lights, poor lighting generated by the Solar Panels and most importantly, the lack of streetlights in some areas of the State Capital. Some axis of the State Capital such as the Mile Six by pass, Road Block, Mayo Gwoi, Kona road, amongst others, where Tarabans regularly frequent, are lacking in Street light.

The need for streetlights on the roads cannot be overly emphasized. Streetlights are very relevant for road safety for drivers, riders, and pedestrians. Light boasts a level of security and confidence in man’s daily activities. Most traders in some areas of the state capital have expressed their unhappiness due to the absence of street light to sell their goods for fear of hoodlums who are likely to attack at any point in time. Some residents have also grumbled that the tricycle drivers popularly known as  ‘keke drivers’ are always reluctant or sometimes even refuse to pass through such roads leaving people stranded and getting to their houses very late in the day.

There is a need for the right body to ensure that more street lights are installed in the state capital. The streetlights will go a long way to reduce the activities of the ‘imperial knights of darkness’ who make it their activity to harass and attack people at night. It will also go a long way in assisting the security personnel to track criminals and survey the nooks and crannies of the State with ease, help the petty traders to sell their goods without fear. Street lights will also help to reduce accidents on the roads and beautify the State at large. All these are to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for Tarabans.

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