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Miyetti Allah and the Wicked Blackmail.

By Luka Agbu Tsa-Asen.

The wicked blackmail by Miyetti Allah Association against the cherished, peaceful and accommodative people of Jukun and their son Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku which spread over various media platforms is an indication that the group is behind time, based on recent happenings in the global community.

Any attempt thought or a counter attempt by individuals or groups to undermine the integrity of the Jukun race could be termed a ridiculous and shameful exercise in view of the Jukun race contributions to World history and organized traditional structure with the Aku, at the helm of affairs.

The Jukun people are known for their greatness, boldness, and commitment to the service of humanity in furtherance promotes equality, accountability against injustice, slavery, and brutality.

It is disheartening to note that the Miyetti Allah spokesman in a statement credited to him wants to join issues between the Aku Uka of Wukari and the Sultan of Sokoto on the premise of superiority who forgot to recall that Aku is the highest king in the World with a recorded  history to have stayed for over one hundred years before the coming of Usman Danfodio Jihad.

Danfodio Jihad was established during the reign of Aku Matswen the 34th king of Kwararafa, therefore, superiority shouldn’t have been brought to the front burner, the tie between the Emirate in Sokoto and the Jukun Kingdom cannot be underestimated as the tomb of one of the dethroned Sultan of Sokoto is still maintained in Wukari with dignity called Hubare. Moreover, the two respected leaders are too matured for the frivolities the Miyetti Allah group is trying to portray based on his egoistic, parochial and wicked tendencies to thwart development in the Country.

On his plans to discredit Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku the Executive Governor of the state mostly on the Anti grazing and ranching bill, 2017 could be described as another unfortunate stance of the group, due to the benefits that are derivable from it. It takes a brilliant Governor to take proactive steps to realize that lives of its citizens are being lost due to constant wicked and dastardly act perpetrated by unwholesome activities of herdsmen in the country.

Governor Darius Ishaku has worked assiduously towards promoting peace and development whose feat so far is unequaled, hence the need for all Tarabans irrespective of tribe, religion and party affiliations to close ranks and support the Darius led administration.

The Miyetti Allah group should decease from using unguarded and inflammatory utterances that would threaten the corporate existence of people in the state.

With the development recorded in the state under Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku it is expedient for him to continue in 2019, as we are solidly behind him.



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