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As Highland Tea Passes German’s Test of Standard

By Umaru Emma.

It was no telling that upon the emergence of Arc. Darius Ishaku, his government under the Rescue Mission Initiative(RMI) rolled out concise Economic blue print made up of four pillars of development; Agriculture, Industrialization, Commerce and Mineral Resources- Purposely to catalyse the exploitation of the abound mineral resources in the state.

Owing to the advantage of industrialization in a state filled with untapped resources and labour, the government under the leadership of Gov. Ishaku threw attention on the Mambilla Tea Factory- A factory that is producing a tea brand known as Highland Tea, which has long been rated as the best in Nigeria by a German Tea Company after boisterous test.

Firstly, the Governor swung into rescue action in Mambilla by ensuring that illegal logging of beverages is halted. When that was achieved, he replaced the obsolete facilities with modern machines with higher production capacity like filtering pipe, milling gauge, sieving and sealing tapes amongst both automated and hand-driven machines with the aim of boosting and expanding production alongside labour engagement. And such was achieved when it was discovered that both labour engagement and production output increases by three times what was obtainable.

As a no novice on issues concerning industrialization, Gov. Ishaku was aware that power serves as a catalysing factor to every industry. In a short time he hurriedly deployed the experience gained as one-time Minister of Power to build 440 kilowatts Tunga Dam Small Hydro Electric Power plant in Kakara, where the factory is situated, mainly to generate electricity to the factory. With this, the residents also tapped from the blessing earned from the project to keep enjoying uninterrupted power supply.

To expand patronage and improve the state’s revenue profile, Gov. Ishaku flipped through the state dossier and discovered that a German Tea Company, through her agent in Nigeria once alerted the state government that Highland Tea is the best tea in Nigeria, and has exportation potential. There and then, the leader of the Rescue Team, Gov. Ishaku reached out to the German Embassy and traced the firm.

He engaged the foreign tea company for needed marketing dialogues involving proven product test and broker of exportation deals. A march in a procession that took the Governor to Germany where the Highland Tea was put to series of test to ascertain its quality in terms of toxic, caffeine and general health acceptability.

Behold, Highland Tea passed German Tea Factory test awaiting exportation. In fact, He was in Germany for the above mission when the Mambilla crisis broke. As if it was a coincidence, ‘ill luck’ to say, when the Governor was on the verge of making Mambilla a viable industrial hub through Tea farming. But the Devil is a liar. Immediately the Governor returned, though filled with pains on the ugly situation in Mambilla he mixed his words as captured in part, though on this subject matter as thus

“I want to use this opportunity to inform Tarabans the Highland Tea passed the German standard, and soon the state will start exportation of tea to Germany”.

So Taraba is set to join the community of Tea exporting hub in Nigeria and Africa, where the Mambilla Beverage Company will broaden its labour and earn huge revenue in return. May permanent PEACE return to Mambila so as to earn this feat achieved by Gov. Ishaku.

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