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By Iliya Bekyu Akweh

The social media is primarily an avenue to fast track and facilitate open communication, leading to enhanced information discrimination. It allows for wider spectrum for cross-fertilization of ideas, postings, news, carrying out research through gestures and sharing of links.

The social media provide opportunities for individuals to broaden the scope of knowledge on topical issues such as business transactions on goods and services across the globe.

However, the media whether social or traditional is often referred to as an instrument of positive change for the common good of the society.

The cardinal objective is seen from the angle of the significance of the media in governance particularly the enthronement of credible democratic governments.

In recent times, with rapid developments in Technology and technological breakthrough which has made the entire world global village, users of the social media take undue advantage of the platform to promote evil and mischief in the society for instance; many miscreants have used the social media to commit fraud and other criminal offenses. The most worrisome issue is the way and manner greedy politicians recruit people, especially youths believed to be suffering from mental depravity, after dropping out of school to post unpalatable and indiscriminating write-ups in the social media against opponents.

If the media is viewed or believed to be an Instrument of change, cohesion, and emancipation among many others, it is therefore totally out of place for people who are criminally minded to use it for a personal vendetta.

It is undisputable that the active and proactive role of the media in yester years brought about the liberation of Nigeria and of course other Nations from the grip of colonialism, neo-colonialism, and imperialism.

Sadly, the fundamentals of social media have been thrown to the dogs, as miscreants, charlatans, nonentities, novices who are being referred to as social media reporters are busy misleading the society with obfuscations, misinformation, disinformation or blatant lies on sensitive, topical and even godly issues.

It is disturbing that the press that is branded the Fourth Estate of the Realm and is meant to promote godliness, righteousness, and fairness in the society hardly carries out this sacred duty. The journalists are also meant to bring about sustainable development and growth at whatever level of governance.

It is however regrettable that the emergency social reporters have now become agents of destabilization and destruction of the media industry by supporting mediocrity while professionalism is thrown to the dogs in the entire saga. This assertion is justified because stark illiterates and criminals have infiltrated the media world with obfuscations, misinformation, biases, and falsehoods.

As a matter of fact,  the happenings in Taraba State during and after the elections and even now especially the recent on the Mambilla plateau in Sardauna Local Government involving Fulani herdsmen and farmers, so-called postings by some persons and groups on the Facebook, twitter and other links to undermine the credibility of the present administration or to settle whatever score they have with those they or their candidates contested elections with, is rather unfortunate and counterproductive.

Taraba State is in dire need of peace and development and the roadmap to its economic development is to enable her to compete more favorably with other states of the federation and not for the steering of the wheel of retrogression perpetuated by mischief makers.

The wanton destruction of lives and properties on the Mambilla Plateau is rather unfortunate unethical and ungodly which should be condemned instead of celebrating in different forms to aggravate the situation.

This development had caused well-meaning persons including the state Government sleepless nights as they keep on pondering on how best to contain the crisis and avert future occurrence. However the reaction of some disgruntled persons and groups are only interested in fanning the embers of discord, disunity, and disaffection through irrelevant, baseless and trivial postings on the Facebook or social media is unbecoming and a display of ignorance, illiteracy and lack of wisdom exhibited by those who are unqualified to comment on such issues.

If truly we must forge ahead as a state beyond where we are, all of us who profess one religion or the other need to reason and understand the fundamentals of religion and come together and work for peace and progress of the state which God has graciously given to us.

The fact that the Darius Ishaku administration has repeatedly pointed out that constructive criticism for the purpose of building the state is welcome does not mean that evil doers and mischief makers who are bent on pulling down his administration through false reportage on the social media or the conventional media should be allowed to thrive.

What we need now in Taraba State is that people from all walks of life, irrespective of social status, religious beliefs, sectional or political inclination should come together and dialogue on any given issue with a view to resolving and repositioning the state for the common good of all. We condemn in strong terms the quest by enemies of progress to promote primordial and parochial interests at the expense of the people of the state. As a people of common destiny and affinity, we cannot afford to allow a few mischief makers destroy our cherished culture of peaceful coexistence for the promotion of

We condemn in strong terms the quest by enemies of progress to promote primordial and parochial interests at the expense of the people of the state. As a people of common destiny and affinity, we cannot afford to allow a few mischief makers destroy our cherished culture of peaceful coexistence for the promotion of repaid socio-economic development.

Taraba State must survive under the present leadership of Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku, a visionary leader whose sole mission is to rescue the state from collapse.

It should be on record that laws are made to ensure that only the right things are done to achieve the set objectives for the good of all sectors of the economy and the entire citizenry and not for a few individuals. Therefore, promoters or reporters of the social media who are using it against the principles within which it was set up should stop forth with or be reprimanded.

Sometimes, people perpetuate criminality in the name of being members of the opposition without actually knowing what it takes to be in the opposition in any state of governance.

Regrettably, most people who are or say they are in the opposition in Taraba State are those who rely solely on the Government for their means of livelihood. Expectedly, some go cap in hand begging for help from those they claim to oppose. However, there are set rules guiding every path a human being chooses which either lead to glory or doom. But in Taraba State, even the evil people and criminals in their numbers when they are punished for their crimes, they hinge it on the government or the man at the helm of affairs of that government.

Media be it social or traditional, must be proactive in their dealings to assist government to provide the needed development to the people and not to constitute a team that is interested in the pull-down syndrome.

Those who have vowed to work assiduously to deny themselves sleep and make things difficult for the Darius Dickson Ishaku administration in Taraba State should be ready to face consequences of their action, now or soonest.

In fact, some are already regretting their actions because such actions are born out of sentiments. It should be noted that Taraba State under Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku is already on its way to greatness in view of the commitment, resilience, and determination of the Governor to reposition the state as contained in the blueprint of his rescue mission.

As such, Tarabans should eschew evil tendencies and learn to support the Governor to actualize, his onerous task of building and rebuilding Taraba State for the good of all citizens.

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