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Gov. Ishaku’s MID-TERM REPORT: Green House Project has Scored him High

By Umaru Emma.

It was quite interesting having a day at the Green House few days ago. After the visit in company of some students of TSU, i discovered that the importance of this superlative Agro Project to the state and the entire country far outweighs any reason attached to ridiculing it by narrowing its production to cucumber; especially those who have never make attempt to visit the project site talk more of knowing that vegetables, greens and other perishables are also grown side by side, but hurriedly concluded that it was a needless project. Please if you’re one, try spare time to go see the world of greens.

The assistant site manager ONIDA Agro company, the company handling the construction of the project gave the economic importance of cucumber with its life span description amid the capacity of the Green House project.
He said “For instance, cucumber takes 45days from the day of planting in the nursery to the harvesting, and we have 18 green houses with a dimension of 98×45; meaning two of them make a hectare”

“So if you’re selling one cucumber for N100, multiply it by the number of stems in each green houses” he added.

And l affirmed that huge amount would be generated.

We were again shown how green pepper, punk leaves, tomatoes and other vegetable of different varieties will be grown in every 45days.
Least we forget, it was reported last year that Anambra state earns $5m in every three months, and sometimes two months from exportation of vegetables like ogu, okro, bitter leaf, scent leaf and many more. What is wrong if Taraba earns such amount or more through exportation of cucumber and other green leaves?

It should be remembered that it is an all year round farming that will check the importation of tomatoes and other vegetables. For it is not longer news that Nigeria still imports tomatoes from South Africa and China to meet local demands. What is wrong in filling the gap through the Green House Project?

This Green House Project is also of utmost benefit to educational institutions and research centres. It will serve as educational tourist ground of all sorts to students at all levels, especially those studying agric related courses.

In response to this project, Dr H Okoro, a lead consultant with NEPAD in his projection recently in Abuja during NEPAD workshop, noted that Taraba Agro Green House Project is capable of generating $50m annually, apart from creating large number of jobs.

The Taraba government under the leadership of the Rescue Captain, Gov. Darius Ishaku is on the path of underscoring the importance of diversifying the economy. The Green House project, especially this model is the first of its kind in the whole country.

With this project, Gov Ishaku has confirmed that the concise Economic blueprint, made up of Four Pillars of development; Agriculture, Industrialization, Trade and Commerce and Mineral resources he developed on assumption of office has started yielding result.

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