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How Sentiment is Destroying Good Intentions in Taraba

By Dr. David Joel Charima.

One of the major agitation in Taraba State is mostly centered on the issue of appointments given to non-indigenes than communal or ethnoreligious crisis and sometimes I wonder if the Executive Governor goes to sleep wondering if we are encouraging sentiments or we are to encourage One Nigeria.

The truth be told, Tarabans have competent hands that can handle every aspect of governance but there are some political jobbers seeking positions as though it is their birthright but only a few can be trusted. Some people’s loyalty is for sale and there are some that are spies or wolves in sheep’s clothing. Charisma is not enough to judge one’s character or expertise.

We should also know that appointing non-indigenes into strategic offices is not alienated to our state or nation alone. Kaduna state has enough appointees from other states and no one is making it a political movement against the Governor. Lagos, a predominantly Yoruba state had an Igbo Commissioner and so on. Mr. Peter Ayim is a Senior Special Assistant on Economic planning or so. Make your findings.

In the case of Taraba, those that seem to be qualified are either high headed, renowned political transgressors or political liabilities than can not win their polling unit.

It is on record that outsiders believe and support the rescue mission with or without remuneration. To cry out loud, Bala Dan Habu has diligently and loyally followed in the shadows of the late veteran journalist, Sylvanus Giwa and has been a supporter of the Rescue Mission for over two years.

One worthy of mentioning is Mrs. Abigail Jerry popularly known as Madam Amazing. She has been supportive in the area of publicizing the achievements of DDI and Her Excellency on billboards but no Taraban seem to see an opportunity in that.

Mr. Gabriel Olayinka has online platforms that showcase the good programs of the Rescue Team aside employing Tarabans in his organizations.

Professor VA Tenebe has done in less than six months what other indigenous Vice Chancellors couldn’t achieve in their full tenures. The accreditation of courses and departments and introduction of relevant courses like Medicine and Law that Taraba State students are denied of in other universities across the country. Imagine what he will accomplish in four years time.
Someone quoted Gen. TY as saying; “People outside know how to appreciate me more than my people and I believe the Bible is correct: a prophet has no honor in his home”
True or not if he said so, there is need to learn how to celebrate our own!

I just want to make an honest appeal.

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