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We are constrained to join issues with some Fulani groups of dubious origin said to be based in Sarduana local government area who are calling on the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo to declare a state of emergency in Taraba state. How can people who claim they are from this state, and care about its prosperity invite such calamity to it, no matter the provocation? Even minister of women affairs, who is a true Taraba citizen and a true Fulani too, Senator Aisha Alhassan, recently frowned at the idea of an emergency rule. She doesn’t even agree with the government of Taraba state but she would not want such a fate to befall her dear state. Are these other funny Fulanis calling for emergency rule more patriotic than Aisha as far as love for Fulani is concerned? Anyway, knowing who the Acting President is, especially his pedigree, his respect for democracy and the rule of law, we have no doubt that he would tread carefully on this matter. We equally believe he would carefully study this call and see through it for what it really represents- a devilish call to anarchy that could burn down the entire country. We believe the Acting President would note that the call is not done in good faith and that it is an attempt to breach the peace for political gains. The good professor would also see, by now, that the call is not a reflection of reality but a tragi-comedy script written by politicians who want to desperately grab power, even if it means through a military coup. But, permit us, Your Excellency, to observe some of the points the incoherent Fulani groups are making in various fora. And sir, permit us too, to respond to them so that you would be further guided as you find solutions to the problems.

First, Your Excellency, the current crisis in Taraba state, especially on the Mambilla, are not the babies of the administration of Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku. He met this problems as it has a long history going back decades ago. In fact, sir, it is Governor Ishaku who is even doing something really solid to solve the problems. His various judicial panels, his dedication to implementations of past recommendations and his commitment to negotiations are a fresh breath since there troubles started many years ago. It is the first time a governor of Taraba is tackling the issues the way they should be tackled. This is what makes it ridiculous when the same man struggling to find closure is being accused of deepening the crisis. What then is the sincerity of their agitations? If they truly are solution seekers, and if they truly want a closure, why are they not embracing this governor and his honest effort to end crisis he didn’t start in the first place?

Taraba state, dear Acting President, is NOT the only state having it’s fair share of crisis between groups. Some states are even grappling with bigger crisis that warrant calls for emergency rules but no one has called for such.

Secondly, it is NOT true that Governor Ishaku is a hater of the Fulani people. Your Excellency, the first appointment Governor Ishaku ever made, as soon as he was sworn in, was that of a Fulani man. He appointed Prince Mustapha Hamman Gabdo as Senior Adviser, Special Duties. That was the very first act of his as a governor. Prince Gabdo is the son of the late Monarch of Gashaka, the Lamido of Gashaka who is a foremost Fulani leader in our state. Eventually, Governor Ishaku gave the staff of office to the crown prince after the father’s demise. In fact, the state government, under Ishaku, took care of the said monarch from ill-health to funeral. Is that the antics of a fulani hater?

Your Excellency, Governor Ishaku’s deputy, Engineer Haruna Manu, is a Fulani man. Ishaku’s most powerful adviser today is Fulani. The Special Adviser on Political Matters, Alhaji Bawa, is Fulani. The Permanent Secretary of the Bureau for local government and chief’s affairs in the state is headed by a Fulani man

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