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Another Red Alert…: “Subversion of Democracy”?

A Pro Democracy group known as Taraba Youth For Democracy ( TYD ) called on the Acting President to weigh the negative implication of aligning towards the ongoing one-sided measures taken on the Mambila crisis coupled with the afoot plan to slam state of emergency on Taraba state. The group speaking through her PRO in a press statement signed by Comrade Sule Danasabe. Danasabe said the Group can’t afford to sit, fold arms and allow the cabal scheming sinister agenda in the nation to extend its handiwork to Taraba state.

“Our attention has been drawn to the satanic move to rob Tarabans of their mandate. It will interest Nigerians to understand that there is ongoing to plot to plunge the state into a civil disorder. Ever since the Mambila crisis that broke out between Fulani residents and the major ethnic groups on the plateau, the response of the Federal Government tilted towards one direction- The Federal Government reacted to the crisis through the Acting President by pledging to provide relief materials and vowed to bring the perpetrators to book. As if that was enough but suddenly a federal delegation emerged, and the minister of Interior who is a strong member of the cabal stormed the state alongside top some security officers in the country to come launch investigation into the Mambila crisis.

But Gov Darius was bold and frank in his response, he said ” If the Federal Government had reacted same when some parts of the state was passing through dark and horror in the hands of the Fulani herdsmen, we would not have had subsequent attacks by the herdsmen that led to the unfortunate situation in Mambila”. A statement that undoubtedly make the Federal delegation uncomfortable.

We should not also forget that presently some communities in Taraba and Ussa LGAs are still battling with humanitarian challenges as a result of the manslaughter against them innocent people by the Fulani herdsmen. Such communities housed mostly farmers. Example Kpashimbe, Tita-kumbu, Kambu, Dinyina, Zapa-pata and many more. The Fulani herdsmen destroyed their farmlands and wrecked psychological havoc on the innocent people by raping their wives. They slaughtered innocent children and killed those from isolated and interior villages around Tati axis in Takum LGA.

Nobody, including the Federal Government reacted to their plights up to now. But immediately when the Mambila crisis broke out, and it was observed that Fulani people fell victim, all we see from day one of the incident is exaggeration of casualty figures, sentimental responses by their kinsmen in the opposition and unbalanced treati to the victims of civil unrest, mostly those attacked by the Fulani herdsmen.

We want to make it clear to the Federal Government that we are aware of the machination of the cabal on the state. It is not arguable that since from day one they made every effort to steal the mandate given to Gov Darius Ishaku by Taraba people through court cases and other legal measures, but couldn’t succeed.

In fact how they used Fulani people in Sardauna to cook result during the rerun election between the incumbent governor and the opposition candidate, Sen Aisha Jummai Alhassan apart from the intimidation of PDP stakeholders in Mambila through burning of their houses and threatening them with messages can’t be over emphasized.

We want to let Nigerians know that democracy is in danger not only in Taraba state but the whole country. We want let Nigerians know that they are into another scheming that if not tamed, will put the state in chaos.

That is what they want. But we will not allow that. We are prepare to fight any act of injustice against the good people of Taraba state”



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