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Taraba Anti- open Grazing Bill: Solution to 3 Major Life Threatening Situations.

By Dr. Charima.

The most remarkable reason why there is need to support the DDI Anti-open Grazing Bill is because it will help in the preservation of public health and prevention of animal-to-human diseases. This bill would also assist in Checking disease spread and prevention of human stress, prevention of negative medical effects and security of lives.

Checking Disease Spread and Prevention

For medical reasons, there is need to encourage ranching because there is what we call zoonotic diseases. A zoonotic disease is a disease spread between animals and people. Zoonotic diseases can be caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Some of these diseases are very common.

Animals like sheep, cows and goats are carriers of these diseases and from their droppings, discharges or body contact, humans can contract such deadly pathogens.

The rate of Brucellosis, bovine tuberculosis and Streptococcal sepsis in Taraba are reaching all time high. Cases of anthrax has been reported in Taraba State too.

Negative Effects
These above mentioned diseases are responsible for miscarriages, undue abortion, physical wasting, chronic coughing, post surgical complications and untimely deaths, which makes the Anti- open grazing bill very apt.

Stress Prevention
Apart from the fact that Ranching will prevent the spread of diseases from one part of the State to another, from one part of the Country to the other and from other Countries to Nigeria, it will also prevent,it will also prevent undue stress due to long trekking in search for food and water.

Security of Lives
It will also prevent contacts with unfortunate situations and uncertainties like war, snake bites, cattle rustlers, snake zones, drought, flood etc as well as provide adequate health care to the animals and prevent deaths due to inadequate or non health care.


We must support the Anti-open Grazing Bill for its numerous benefits. Let’s not concede to sentiments and threats without legal fangs! Let’s embrace the needful.

Support DDI Anti-open Grazing Bill today!

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