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Milking Mambilla

By David Charima

Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Protest in Jalingo.

No crises in recent history have received so much attention and lopsided condemnation like the Mambilla upheaval (so-called massacre) in Nigeria. Not even that of Southern Kaduna, Zaki Biam or Plateau in recent past, from scholars, politicians and religious leaders.

Is there a battle for supremacy that this ugly event seems to expose? Are some people more important than others? Is the life of any, other than the Fulanis less valuable?

We are in a day and age where the destination and direction of our collective unity must be defined and cogent steps taken to address issues like National stakeholders, rule of law and the concept of nationhood.

Agitations seem to be brewing from all sides and we still sit to believe that the worst democratic government is better than the best military government (no incitement intended), when decorum and self-respect are at the brink of despondency?

Do we fold our arms and watch effortlessly the disintegration of our hard earned independence? Do we sit in abject poverty in the hope that someday, someone from somewhere will emerge as our Messiah without personal interest and agenda?

Are we looking up to a political party or rich mogul raised with stolen funds from taxpayers money or from some source we have no idea of, rule us to oblivion?

Let 2019 be the judge, let the ballots decide our fate. Let our rights protect our today and preserve our tomorrow. Enough is enough!

Mambilla is the last untapped treasure of the North and milking her of her decades of peace is endangering Taraba and its environs to a war without end! There seems to be a subtle agenda, growing roots for decades and no one seems to be doing anything about it. May God help us!

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