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Group Raises Alarm Over Interior Minister’s Special Interest in Taraba.

*Alleges that Acting President did not order visits.
TheHerdsmen heightened visits of top federal government agents to Taraba state in the last two weeks is worrisome to a group who termed the visitations as “undue, suspicious and dubious.”
The group also said the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, is not the one coordinating the visits. It says the often talked about cabal in the villa were the ones orchestrating the entire events.
In a press statement, the Good Governance Group (GGG) said the visits is beginning to worry Taraba state citizens who are starting to see an emerging pattern.
The statement, signed by the group’s Public Relation Officer (PRO) Ahmadu Sale, said, “we are constrained to observe that this is the first time we are seeing this avalanche of undue scrutiny by the cabal at the villa.
Ordinarily, the visit of the interior minister, General Danbazzau, would have been seen as a routine one but we are not too dumb to realise an emerging pattern.
A systematic agenda is building up and only the blind would not see the hand of the APC in all of these. First, we all remembered how Governor Darius Ishaku was screaming that he needed help when Fulani herdsmen were decimating communities in Ussa, Donga and Takum.
At the time, no one was willing to listen to him. We didn’t see any federal government visit. The governor even complained that the soldiers in the southern part of the state were taking sides with Fulani.
The next thing was the Mambilla incidence. Suddenly, the Federal Government became attentive and active in a jiffy. The police, navy, airforce, everyone from Abuja  was sent to Taraba in a rush.
We see a coordinated plan here. The politicians are busy accusing Governor Ishaku of genocidal activities. Surprisingly, the GOC that was hand picked and brought to Taraba from Plateau state, Brigadier General Ahanotu, sounded like the APC senator from the central zone.
Both he and the senator immediately found a name for the trouble and called it genocide. While the senator pointedly accuse the governor by name calling, General Ahanotu said he blames “prominent politicians in the area”.
He stopped short of calling names like the APC senator but they sounded alike as if they are at a joint press briefing. For a soldier who was supposed to come and keep the peace, Ahanotu came and was busy fixing the blame.
In spite of all the horrors of Boko Haram insurgency, Mr. Ahanotu declared that the crisis on the Mambilla was worse than Boko Haram’s. Don’t forget there were no female suicide bombings on the Mambilla; don’t forget that entire communities were not taken by militias complete with a new flag; dont forget that over 200 young school girls were not abducted here; don’t forget that worshippers were not annihilated in their places of worship here.
Yet, in Mr. Ahanotu’s skewed imagination, Boko Haram was a child’s play compared to the Sarduana crisis. This is a soldier who must have seen the Zaria Shiites blood fest where close to a thousand soul were mowed down in cold blood.
He must have heard of the Agatu mayhem caused by Fulani militia. He must have been told of the Southern Kaduna massacres perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen.
Ahanotu didn’t see the horrors in all of these crisis. It is in a small part of the Nigerian polity he came to see something worse than Boko Haram.”
Sale also said General Danbazzau’s visit was in bad faith. “We are worried to see Danbazzau in our state. He is known to take sides in matters like this.
His colleague, another minister in our state, has already condemned Governor Ishaku. So where are we going to find impartiality from Danbazzau?
What if he decides to do espirt d corp with his colleague at the Federal Executive Council? Something about these visits is not just right. We have a feeling we are under an invasion and a seige.
It is even hard to believe that the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, is behind these missions. It doesn’t fit into the philosophy and world view of the learned jurist.
Above all, the state government has already set up a Judicial Panel of Inquiry. Are the visiting army generals saying they have a better strategy to solving the problem?
Danbazzau said he can’t believe what he’s hearing in the social media and that’s why he came to the state to find out things for himself. Is he saying he does not trust both the state government and even the representative of the national security agents in the state?
When would he visit the South East to nip the Biafra agitations?
When would Danbazzau go to Maiduguri to physically verify what appears to be a resurgence of insurgency? He has a secret mission in Taraba state, obviously.
We believe all of this is headed towards trying to slam a state of emergency on Taraba, arrest some government functionaries and eventually steal the mandate of Governor Ishaku since defeating him at the polls looks like impossible. “

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