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Groups Warn Military in Sarduana, Hails Gov. Ishaku Peace Initiatives.

*As displaced persons return to base.

Various pro-democracy groups under the umbrella of Good Governance Groups (GGG) have endorsed the peace initiatives of Governor Darius Ishaku. They also vehemently admonished the military in Sarduana local government to be fair in their dealings. The groups were unanimous in their assertion that the governor has been proactive, creative and accommodating as he moves to deal with the crisis.
In a press statement signed by Ahmadu Sale, the groups said it is impressed by the peace moves so far. Sale, the groups’ Public Relation Officer( PRO) said Governor Ishaku has risen to the occasion, showcasing himself as an excellent negotiator. It reads: “we are very proud of Governor Darius Ishaku on how he’s been managing all the crisis. In fact, he has shown and demonstrated that he is very good at resolving conflicts. Other people would have panicked but Governor Ishaku demonstrated courage, foresight, and above all, impartiality.
From his utterances and actions, you can see glistening leadership qualities. He is the kind of leader needed in times of crisis. We commend him for meeting all stakeholders involved without discrimination. We commend him for fashioning out far-reaching policies that would eventually bring lasting solutions. We are glad to note that he has carried everyone along in Sarduana local government. He hasn’t abandoned any of the groups in the crisis.”
The statement further noted that the governor’s prompt action has led to peace. It reads, “the swiftness and suddenness with which peace returned could only mean that the governor is an effective deal maker. We are glad to announce that many displaced people are now returning to their base thereby decongesting the IDP camps.”
The group urged the military to remain professional in their activities on the Mambilla. Sale said, “the military should not turn itself into a judicial panel of inquiry in the Sarduana crisis. The Ishaku led administration has already set up that one. The military too should not be seen as taking sides. If it does, the side that feels alienated would balk and would not cooperate with them thereby scuttling their efforts. The military is there to safeguard lives and not to pass judgement.”
The groups enjoined the military to attentively study the situation and not be carried away by emotions.
It said, “already we view with concern some of the statements credited to the GOC from Jos, Brigadier-General Benjamin Ahanotu. We know he is committed to peace given his pedigree. But he, at times, gives the impression he has already reached conclusions. Although he said the problem is caused by stakeholders and politicians, he also speaks as if he is on a special mission to indict the Mambilla people.
He should know that in any crisis, truth is the first casualty. If the Mambilla people are wrong, it doesn’t mean the fulanis are right either. This is the task before him to unearth the truth from the scratch. Please, he must mind his language and not cause further confusion by his body language. He must also avail himself with the history of crisis in the state and how they have been handled in the past.”

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