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In Taraba, I belong to everybody and everyone, says Governor Ishaku.

Gov. Ishaku has said that there is no iota of discrimination of any kind in his system. He said that his upbringing, training and life experiences have equipped him to be broadminded and tolerant of all classes of people. He stressed that apart from working for peaceful coexistence, he would like to see a Taraba more united in spite of differences of views and opinions. He said the Almighty created us differently for a purpose, stressing that if God wanted just one tribe or religion, He would have made it so.
Taraba Gov. Darius Dickson Ishaku
Gov. Darius Dickson Ishaku

This assertion is contained in a press statement signed by Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello. The governor enjoined the state’s citizens to eschew words and actions that work towards more divisions. The governor said, “God knows exactly what he was doing when He made us with certain differences. If He wanted sameness or all of us becoming one religion or tribe, He can do it. All over the world, people are walking away from troubles and embracing peace. It is backward to be fighting. Even to slap someone is viewed as barbaric around the world, let alone street fighting. Luckily, in Taraba, we have many historic and cultural facts that bind us than divide us. We have shared experiences.”

He urged citizens to live together and concern themselves with progress, stressing that He belongs to everyone. He said, “I’m a governor to all no matter where you stand in life. I’m governor to the farmers as well as the cattle rearers. My goal is to protect lives and property of all that God has given me charge over. I’m a governor to the young and the old. I’m governor to everyone of every faith or tribe. When we build roads, we don’t assign them to one particular foot to walk on. The water we are providing is for all. We didn’t provide water and say only this class of people should drink. The airport we opened is used by all and sundry. Government exists for all and we are making it work for all.”
The governor said Taraba is essentially great because of its plurality, noting that citizens should continue to live in peace.

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