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Taraba Has Got More Farmers than Herdsmen, Says Commentators.

Taraba State has got more farmers than herdsmen, says a collection of commentators who spoke to KWARARAFA REPORTERS in a vox pop carried out in Jalingo.

Augustine Dauda, a resident, said the Anti-open Grazing Bill has the backing of the majority of Taraba citizens because it touches them more than anything else.

He said, “Governor Darius Ishaku was smart with this bill because, as you know, more people in this State depend on agriculture for sustenance. Whether it is subsistence farming or commercial, the State is agrarian in nature. To win with farmers is to capture the mind of everyone. People are happy that the Governor did not play politics with this matter but had the courage to take those bulls by their horns literally.”

The same views were held by Adamu Isa, another resident of Jalingo, who said farmers run the show in Taraba. He said, “how many people own cows? The truth is that almost every soul you see in this state of close to 3.5million people is a farmer and owns a farm or works on one. That’s why this matter has really touched the very nerve center of the state. Our parents and our children and even our unborn children are farmers. So which day do you think we shall ever support what the cattle rearers are doing?”

Mallam Garba Musa said the matter transcends ethnic or religion. He identified himself as Fulani and Muslim but also noted that he is a farmer. Speaking to KR in Hausa, Musa said he had also suffered from cows invasion of farms. He said, “it seems to be that some people are forgetting that farming has no religion or political party. My farms has been ravaged too. I welcome anything that would keep those pesky cows out of my farm. I really thank Governor Darius for this.”

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