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Ikenya: I would rather endure another four years of Darius than support Aisha.

Former minister of labour and productivity, Senator Joel Ikenya said he would vigorously resist fresh moves to impose Minister of Women Affairs, Hajiya Aisha Alhassan as the flag bearer of the APC in 2019. Without putting it in those exact words, he hinted he would rather support the status quo than contemplate an Aisha candidacy. In an exclusive chat with KWARARAFA REPORTERS, he said that the move is totally undemocratic.

APC Youth supporting Hajiya Alhassan stormed Jalingo, Sunday, saying she remained the sole candidate of the party in the forthcoming general election.

But Ikenya, who recently joined the party, told KR that the Aisha agitators are not even from Taraba state in the first place. He said, “if you hear the name of the leader of that motley crew of a crowd, you would see that he is not from Taraba. No one from Taraba is called Ade. The name is fictitious. I believe they are not from Taraba. You can’t give people two thousand naira to five thousand naira and say you are popular.”

According to him, the APC would conduct primaries for all the elective positions. He said, “if the APC is planning to have a primaries for even the presidency, who is any other position not to be vied for? Unless they are planning to print only one form for the governorship position in Taraba and in that case, they would lose. And unless APC is ready to lose the election again because there is no way you can win with that plan. 2019 cannot be like 2015. Popularity is not bought in the market.”

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