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NYSC Taraba: State Coordinator Demands Better Welfare for Corps Members

By Samson Zanunga

Taraba State Coordinator of the National Youth Service Corps,NYSC, Mrs. Altine J. Akyan has made a passionate appeal to heads of agencies and institutions, as well as individuals and groups requesting the services of Corps members, to ensure they provide them with  basic amenities.

She made this appeal in an exclusive chat with Taravoices at the NYSC permanent orientation camp in Sibre.

Mrs. Akyan, stated that the economic recession facing the country currently, and the increase in the prices of goods and services calls for improvement in the allowances of Corps members in order to augment their meagre allowance.

According to her, “the allowances of Corps members is quite meagre and considering the fact that most institutions depend on the services of these young Nigerians who toil day and night to provide extra services, they should in turn be compensated”.

The State Coordinator who is overseeing her second orientation course in Taraba, berated the attitude of some employers of labour who depend on Corps members but fail to provide them with basic amenities such as accommodation and emoluments to serve as incentives.

She also stated that, “we have heard complaints from Corp members as to how they are used but not considered as deserving of any monetary incentive by those requesting their services. If you can’t provide them with the basics, then monetize it so that those posted to Taraba will not be looking for ways of migrating to other States”.

Similarly, Mrs. Akyan revealed that the state registered 2,307 Corps members with a total of 1,082 male and 1,222 females respectively.

She stressed that, “the people of Taraba are very hospitable and I urged them to extend their hospitality to the Corps members we are sending out to them”.

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