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Break Away not Solution to Nigeria’s Problem – Cleric

A priest of the Catholic Diocese of Jalingo, Rev. Fr. James Teku  has said the renewed agitations by some groups for the break way of Nigeria will not solve the perceived problems.

Rev. Teku stated this on Sunday while delivering a sermon to mark the feast of “The Holy Trinity” in  St. Justina Pastoral Centre, Mayo-Dassa, Jalingo.

The cleric said like God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, working together as one God,  Nigeria is better and stronger together than breaking away.

“How do you even contemplate breaking away as a solution to our problems when even in our individual families there are grievances?

“If Biafra should go, the differences of Anambra, Osu and others among the Igbos would still be there. Niger Delta wants their republic. The Middle Belt said they are not part of the north and want their republic.

“All these zones have their differences and even if we break away the problems will even be more compounded,” he said.

He called on the Federal Government to carefully address the issue of perceived marginalisation of some tribes or regions that has led to the renewed agitations for the breakup of Nigeria.

While calling for caution among Nigerians in their quest for break away, he reminded all that as different parts of the body make up a complete human being, togetherness is what makes up Nigeria. He therefore stressed that everyone work towards preserving her unity.

Teku further urged the Federal Government to consider the implementation of the 2014 confab report which he said will help douse tension in the country.

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