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The Taraba We See and the Taraba that Exist

By Longmut Plangnaan.

The economist who says human needs are insatiable made no mistake in such analysis.  A general human nature is that of complaints, myopic analysis and hateful comments. This has been the mindset of many Tarabans and Nigerians as a whole. The efforts of the constituted authorities is shunned, seen as a political agenda or condemned by word of mouth. All these factors are the genesis of ineffective development that slows down the progress of the state.

Everyday comments of Tarabans are hurtful and hateful comments geared towards the Governor of the State Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku, and his administration. “The governor is not working”, “the governor is sinking resources on a greenhouse”, they say.  It is somewhat funny that many of this “self-appointed commentators”, have little or no knowledge of what a greenhouse is, its economic benefits to individuals and the state collectively.

Many people complain of lack of salary payment and one wonders what a large crowd of people do in front of the ATMS at the end of every month. Tarabans complain about lack of employment and empowerment and one wonders what they do with all the computers, machines, and skills they acquire, courtesy of the state Governor and his government. Despite all these complaints, the people fail to think about where the main problem of the state is coming from that every administration is making no effort in their eyes. They fail to understand that maybe the problem is with the citizens who hardly gets motivated to make good use of opportunities given.

Taraba state is blessed with abundance of agricultural produce such as; cash crops like coffee, tea, groundnuts and cotton, crops like maize, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava and yam.  Minerals such as; Kaolin, lead, zinc, sapphire, uranium etc and tourist sites like the Mambilla Plateau and its tourist potentials, Gumpti National Park and Game Reserve in Gashaka and the Nwonyo Fishing festival in Ibi.

The state is blessed with so many things that others cannot boast of.

One of the over 100 boreholes located in many communities across Taraba state.
One of the over 100 boreholes located in many communities across Taraba state.

The Darius administration has been able to concentrate on areas that affect the citizens daily and also ensuring that long lasting investments are being made to generate internal revenue for the state, ensure the influx of local and foreign investors to boost the economy of the state. The state government has put in place a state of the art Laboratory for the Taraba State Water Supply Agency to ensure safe and available water supply in the state. The state government has also empowered some of its youths in skill acquisition amongst other achievements. Private individuals have also made efforts to build beautiful shops and complex that can be used by the citizens for their businesses and help make the state look better and at the same time generate income for Tarabans. It is quite unfortunate that all these efforts are not appreciated.

It is important therefore to note that, change and progress in any society or small unit cannot be effectively initiated if there is no communal cooperation and effort.  The same way a political aspirant cannot get to a political position without the endorsement of the people ( in a country that actually practices democracy), that is the same way the elected officials need the support of the people to encourage and help make them develop the state.

The Taraba we see is a stagnant, underdeveloped state while the Taraba that exists is a developing state with enough potentials to feed the entire country in the near future, its internally generated revenue will keep on improving, it is contributing in boosting employment for not just its citizens but the entire country and a Taraba that will soon stand tall as a giant of its own with very little or no need for external help.

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