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Taraba Govt. Invests N400 Million In Alternative Source of Water

By Nick Dugba

The Taraba State Government has budgeted separately, the sum of N200 million for the development of ‘surface water’ and ‘rainwater harvest’ in places where boreholes are not viable, to serve as alternative water supply to the populace.

The Commissioner for Water Resources, Barr. Emanuel Gowon, revealed this recently during a chat with journalists in Government House Jalingo.

According to the commissioner, “due to the terrain, Sardauna and Karim Lamido areas have not benefited from the boreholes being constructed across the state hence the need to explore other alternative means for those areas.

“We discovered that Sardauna has a lot of streams, that is surface water and springs too, so we have now categorized that as ‘streams and springs water development’ under the budget and it has been approved.
“N200 million has been approved in the budget…We have engaged a consultant because some springs are not robust…. We have Sardauna and certain parts of Karim Lamido, places like Gomu, Bambuka and Panya have a lot of springs there. We are going to develop those springs and harness the water to the communities around there. This will including Munga that has a lot of underground water”, Gowon stated.

He also gave an insight into rainwater harvest which he said a sum of N200 million has been budgeted for.

“Budgetary allocation has been made for the collection of rainwater. We want to start a pilot scheme may be in Sardauna again where the amount of water gotten in a year is high. About N200 million has been allocated. We have seen the technology elsewhere and the Governor is happy that such thing can work”, he added.


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