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Crisis at the Curve of Change

By Samson Zanunga.

AppointmentThe rescue mission of His Excellency Arch. Darius Dickson Ishaku is already at a midterm. Like it or not, the rescue ship is almost at a cruise control. Progress has been made with recognitions and accolades pouring from home and abroad in measures we can’t quantify.

The journey in the last twenty-four months cannot be said to be a walk in the park for the rescue captain. A barrage of events welcomed this administration at the onset. Court cases here and there but somehow by sheer providence, the captain maneuvered the ship back on shore.

Taraba state, described by Africa Today magazine as a Trove in Africa is extremely rich in agriculture and mineral resources, Little wonder, the state is tagged Nature’s Gift.  When we think of the huge manpower the administration is working hard to manage, one cannot but salute Governor Ishaku for the great strides he has taken to steadily manage the rescue cruise ship towards the destination port.

Change in any clime has a price tag attached to it. Tarabans are still groaning under a new chapter since its creation as the progress report of this administration is focused on developing the state regardless of the paucity of funds.

Some of the previous governments had all it takes to make Taraba great but misplaced priority was their bane.  Monies got into wrong hands and the only development were personal properties but state infrastructures were abandoned.  The government of the day hence saw the need to reinvest in areas that require urgent attention thus the water project and the Agric sector got a huge boost in other to make the people self-reliant.

The education sector which is the bedrock of every state was on its knees when Governor Ishaku came on board.  The reforms going on in the sector saw an outcry by the people as they preferred the old order rather than embracing the best global practice of working and earning.

The same cannot be said of the other sectors but in fairness to this administration, the report card is an encouraging landmark.  Change is not a word Tarabans want to hear from this administration hence the incessant strikes the government managed to tackle.

There is always a crisis at the curve of change and Tarabans should begin to adjust to the rocky nature of the sea waves slapping against the Taraba cruise liner. The desired change is gradually becoming more visible than expected.

It is time to roll the drums and celebrate the rescue mission.

However, a note of caution to the government.  To whom much is given,  much is also expected.  We are not there yet but we will definitely get there.

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