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Children’s Day: Talent Promoter Sets The Pace In Taraba.

 By Nick Dugba.

A Jalingo based youth talent promoter, Franklin Felixson, has set in motion the tone for the celebration of children’s day which comes up on May 27, by embarking on tour of schools in Jalingo.

The tour which began Wednesday is aimed at “mentoring children to grow with good morals in nation building” and targeted Destiny Success Academy and Calvary Academy in Jalingo on the first day of the tour.

The tour had a team consisting of professionals in various fields who gave motivational talks to the students while the organizer, Franklin Felixson, anchored the event and educated the students on morals and successful living.

A raffle draw was held in each of the schools where three successful students from each school would participate in the children’s day dinner to be hosted by Franklin Felixson.

At the event, students attested to the fact that they benefitted a lot from the highly educative programme and also advised students who were not privileged to be visited to endeavor to be at the children’s day event which would offer so much.

A member of the entourage, Sam Zanunga, praised the organizer for bringing such an idea and described it as a “novel idea” in the State as far as children’s day celebration is concerned.

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