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9 Facts Should Know About The Jalingo Greenhouse Project.

1.The project is about 70 per cent completed.

2.Eight out of the fifteen Greenhouses are completed.

3.Cucumber is the first crop to be experimented. Others in line for now are pepper, tomatoes and lettuce.

4.Cucumber became the first crop to be cultivated and harvested because it has the shortest gestation period (it matures early).

5.The Jalingo Greenhouse will boost knowledge capacity for students of agriculture in the State University and College of Agriculture.

6.Apart from generating over 200 jobs for Tarabans today, it will create a lot of indirect employment for those who would want to venture into agriculture using best agronomic practices and seedlings to boost production.

7.The Greenhouse is not yet owned by Taraba State Government, even though it was initiated and funded by the Government.

8.The cost of the project is N2 Billion naira, but so far about N900 Million has been spent.

9.It is run by an Israeli company called Onida Development Company and will be handed over to the state government to run fully once it is completed.

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