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Expect More Developmental Fireworks now that Cases are Over – Gov.’s Media Aide

Taraba state would witness more development now that Governor Darius Ishaku is done with legal tussles in courts. This assertion was made by Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello, in a press statement. It reads, “let me use this medium to congratulate all our supporters for patiently keeping faith with the administration in spite of the distractions. I believe when we voted massively for Governor Ishaku we knew it was a vote for progress and development. Thank God, he has not disappointed anyone about this. Of course, many intruders have tried to interrupt our joy with all sorts of court cases from day one of his popular mandate, some of them even frivolous. But with this last judgement, I believe we have seen the last of such irritating distractions.

In spite of all of these, the governor has performed creditably well. It is in the period of court turbulence that he opened up the airport with its implications for tourism and investments. The governor was still battling in court when he started those massive township roads like the one on the way to Kona. In spite of all the legal odds, Governor Ishaku still revived the Kakara tea plantations, providing jobs and enhancing electricity. It was with these legal tussles in mind that the governor embarked on the digitisation of the radio and television and got that of the television completed. That of the radio has begun. He has also fenced the TSBS station.
Today, agriculture and food security has been beefed up with the multi-billion naira greenhouse project. With court cases still going on, Darius was able to practically solve the perennial water supply problem of Jalingo and by extension, the state in general. Taraba state is now a model for water supply around the nation. The wife of the governor too was not detered by these court cases. Against all odds, she discovered an almost lost community which she brought back to civilisation in Kurmi local government. Through the Hope Afresh program, Mrs. Ann Ishaku, has impacted lives through job creation, women empowerment and an award winning effort with the IDPs.
Let me boldly assert that now that the cases are over, the governor and his team would do more. A court case can be distracting as precious time could be expended. For two years, Governor Ishaku had to battle the demons of court cases, political sabotage and artificial animosity from certain quarters. But with all of that, he trudged on and still achieved an appreciable level of success. So we can only expect better days ahead as he enhance agriculture, youth empowerment, industrialisation, security, peace and progress for our dear state.”

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