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Taraba APC Has Been Abandoned, Minister Cries Out.

The current Minister for Women Affairs, Hajiya Aisha Alhassan, has cried out to the leadership of her governing All Progressives Congress (APC) that the state chapter of the party which is in the opposition in Taraba state has been abandoned in the scheme of things.

Hajiya Alhassan who was a gubernatorial candidate of the APC in the state in the last election told the leader of the party that apart from her appointment and the Ambassadorial which are statutory and constitutional to the state, “no any other meaningful appointment from the state.”

Leading other members of APC from Taraba state on a visit to the leadership of the party at the national secretariat yesterday in Abuja, the minister added that APC members from Taraba state are very worried “because firstly, if the government back home was that of the APC, I may not have been here in this capacity as a Minister.

She said: “I have come as a party member and a leader, together with my brothers from Taraba state to air out our problems.

“The government in the state is controlled by the PDP and we expected that, you our parents and this government especially since you knew that we were muscled out, we should have been helped because we did our best.

“No opposition party performed as good as we did since 1999, but unfortunately, apart from my appointment which is statutory and constitutional, then that of the ambassadorial, we still do not have any meaningful appointment.”

Mama Taraba as fondly  called, told party leaders that if nothing is done to address the plight of her people, “we will not know our fate when the next election comes.”

She continued: “Even in the Federal Government projects, they do not involve us. It was only yesterday that I met the state party leader and was told that there is a federal government project going on and he complained that they are not involved. It is not that they don’t have qualified persons.

“Even the struggle to live right, according to the dictates of religion is because of the expectation of Heaven which is the reward. Taraba state APC should be remembered. This is our plea. If projects are sent to the state which is controlled by the PDP, our people will be left hanging.

“They are seeing that this is a federal government thing and we worked for it but they are not gaining anything.”

About hijacking the party structure, the Minister said  “there have been rumours that some people want to come and take over the party structure. Personally, I am not afraid because I told them that the leadership of the party that we have at the center does not give into rumours.

“Secondly, I have confidence in myself as a party member, others should have confidence in themselves too. Some people said that they are coming and the party leadership at the national level has promised them support. But leadership of the party is not dictated at the national but obtained at the state level.

“I have at some point even addressed the crowd in Taraba and I told them that the current Governor is even welcomed to join the party but if he comes, he will be an APC member like us.”

Responding, the party’s deputy national chairman (North) Senator Lawal Shuaibu, said that all complaints put forward by the minister will be addressed and appropriate responses given after due consultations.
(Culled from Leadership Newspaper)

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