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5 Kinds of People Falsely Blaming Governor Darius on Teachers’ Salaries

Through interviews, observation and current issues taking place in the state, we have discovered five kinds of people who have been falsely blaming the Governor for Teachers’ salaries.

They include certain politicians, the opposition, ghost workers, certain people in government and replaced staff. We are not forgetting the fact that there are genuine cases among them; whom the government is working round the clock to tackle their issues once and for all. Keep reading to know more about them.

  1. Certain Politicians: Certain Politicians, especially those from Southern Taraba, have been using the salary issues, among other things, to criticise the Government of Gov. Darius Ishaku, without also weighing in on what government has been doing. They have also failed to offer constructive criticisms to prove that they have the interest of the state at heart. An example is the recent proposed TARABA ABOVE ALL  protest by Benjamin Bako, who we believe was sponsored by Politicians.
  2. Opposition – It is disheartening to note that the protest staged today was populated by thugs amidst the helpless children chanting “pay our teachers”. This lends credence to the rumour that a set of people were paid to organise the protest, risking the lives of innocent children in the scorching sun. The opposition has chosen to capitalise on the issue to portray the Government in a bad light. How else do you explain the sudden antagonistic behaviour of the aggrieved teachers; several of whom had received salary arrears in the month of February with the assurance of more payments within the month of March?
  3. Ghost Workers – From ghost schools to ghost teachers and ghost civil servants, Taraba state has been grappling with ghost workers since the coming in of Governor Ishaku. In June 2016, Mr Yakubu Agbaizo revealed that 52 million naira was saved, which could have gone to ghost workers. He further revealed that a lot of ghost schools existed and in one school alone, fourteen ghost teachers who were all on grade level thirteen step one were discovered. In another school in January 2017, a headmaster revealed that it was only when he went for screening exercise he got to know his school of four teachers including himself had 150 teachers on the payroll. These people who were caught are some of those bitterly criticising the government for none payment.
  4. Certain People in Government – These set of people could be described as “wolves in sheep’s clothing within the Governor’s cabinet. These people who had personal candidates slotted into the State Civil Service. During the Biometric exercise, they had their feet kicked when the investigating panel fished out their candidates who had never been on the payment vouchers for three consecutive years only to gatecrash it in the year 2016, a feat which takes only a senior public office holder to achieve.
  5. Replaced Staff: These set of people are mostly found in local governments. When a local government staff dies, instead of following due process of letting the state government know about what happened, they instead get someone else to bear the name of the deceased and inherit all their particulars. As the government calls for screening, especially BVN verification, they get caught, salary gets stopped, and they cry out that they’ve not been receiving salary.  


You can see that these set of people are collectively attacking the government and making the innocent ones among them suffer. The government, on the other hand, is doing everything possible to ease their suffering permanently.

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