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Buhari should heed el Rufai’ s warnings, says Gov’s aide

President Muhammadu Buhari has been enjoined not to shrug off warnings contained in the now celebrated memo written by Kaduna state governor, Mr. Nasiru El Rufai. Among other things, El Rufai had said that the All Progressive Congress-led administration of President Buhari has woefully failed to provide even the mundane things of governance to the Nigerian people. Reactions have continued to trail the memo with many urging the president to ignore the warning.

But in his reaction, Senior Special Assistant to Governor Darius Ishaku on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello, admonished Buhari to take the matter seriously. In a press statement, Bello, who is also a journalist, said the nation’s leader should not ignore the dire warnings. He said, “I’m not a fan of El Rufai, and I don’t know what motivated him, but I think the president should listen to what he’s saying. This is a case of not throwing the baby with the bath water. People are saying El Rufai wrote in bad taste. It doesn’t matter. I commend him for the courage to drag the president’s attention to certain issues. And when he said the president has crisis and opportunities in his hands, El Rufai won me over. The president has a crisis, but he also has clear openings to make his name great. Praise singing is not the way to help a leader. El Rufai raised the mirror before the president to see the dust on his face. That’s the ultimate sign of loyalty.”
Remarking further on the 30-page document, Bello said the president ought to set up a committee to look into the matters raised. He said, “El Rufai raised some very clear-cut issues, especially as they affect decision making. Nigerians are suffering as a result of inaction on the part of Buhari. And El Rufai identified the clogs in the wheels of progress. These are irrefutable facts. So rather than begin a systematic persecution of the man, I think El Rufai should be commended. If what El Rufai said had come from PDP people, we could say it is politics, but now it is from APC. No one could claim to support Buhari more than El Rufai. He’s more APC than most people. The president should listen to him please.”

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