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With Landslide Win in LG polls, PDP, Gov Ishaku Clears Path to 2019.

Some political watchers are telling KWARARAFA REPORTERS that one of the implications of the PDP landslide win in Saturday local government poll, is that it opens up a wide path for the party’s victory in 2019. Though the APC still hopes to upturn the cart in the next election.

Architect Darius Ishaku, a first term governor is said to be keen about setting up a political structure that would propel him to victory when he makes a bid for reelection. Saturday win helps in that direction, observers said.
Accordingly, the party structure is said to be in the governor’s firm control as he is generally regarded as the head of the party in the state. The party Chairman too, Hon. Victor Bala Kona, is said to be a political associate of the governor whose loyalty is said to be complete.
Saturday victory, some respondents tell KR, is the final missing link in the political machine of the former minister of state for power. Steadily, they said, Ishaku has moved from a political newcomer to power broker in his own right who has consolidated.
They said that the new council chairmen are loyalists who would supervise the governor’s political fortunes in the coming years.
But opposition politicians said this is not necessarily the case. Musa Ajiya, a Yola based politician from Taraba told KWARARAFA REPORTERS that winning local council polls doesn’t guarantee anything in power equations. He said, “I do not think there is much for the PDP to rejoice there. The governorship polls is a different ball game altogether. This one was conducted by a government appointed officer. In 2019, INEC would be in charge. It won’t matter who the chairman of a local government is as people would vote freely. Personally, I’m not bothered about the outcome of this election. The real deal is coming. That’s when we would test our popularity among the people.”
But many observers believe the deed has indeed been done and that Saturday win places Governor Ishaku in an undue vantage position as 2019 looms. Says a resident of Jalingo, Silas Yaboros, the victory means the governor has foot soldiers on ground who would expand his structure and ensure that they deliver their local governments to him as a form of reciprocal gesture. Yaboros said, “the new chairmen would demonstrate, express their gratitude in 2019. Their job now is to work hard for the governor and ensure they win him more fans between now and 2019. As far as a structure goes, Darius just landed one. It is a huge advantage for the governor. The opposition can’t match that.”

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