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Marking One Year of Barr. Anna Ishaku’s Legendary Visit to Sunkuru.

Barr. Anna Ishaku distributing Items to Ndola People
Barr. Anna Ishaku distributing Items to Ndola People.

Today, February 25th, 2017 marks exactly one year since the wife of Taraba State Governor, Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku, the Naa Ndola, ‘Mummy’ as she is fondly addressed by those who work under her, a woman with remarkable bundle of energy, passion, innate wisdom, great virtue and unstoppable courage, took the daring trip to Sunkuru, the headquarters of the Ndola Nation.

Rough terrain.
Rough terrain.

A daring trip in the sense that, she despised among other things the rough terrain, the stressful, time consuming and boring journey, venturing into the mountains, forests and rivers to the chosen Land, an adventure which was meant to change the course of history for the people of Sunkuru who had long been forgotten.

Nishan Panwar in one of his quotes said ‘a positive spirit and a positive attitude can ONLY amount to a positive OUTCOME’, and so that singular act of courage and determination from this rare gem, germinated speedily to what gave birth to what is known today as ‘NGADA Special Development Area’ on the 21st of September, 2016, a feat that posterity will ever reckon with.

Following this and other numerous benefits that trailed that legendary visit like; employment of 30 Vigilantes, provision of 10 Grinding Machines and Motorcycles each, training of 120 Traditional Birth Attendants, ongoing Sponsorship of 14 youths in School of Nursing and Midwifery and College of Health Technology amongst many others, the Community decided to honour her with a Title and Award of ‘Mother with Passion of Reaching out to Rural Dwellers through Hope Afresh Foundation’, on the 17th February, 2017, exactly 357 days away from her first visit to Sunkuru.

The Programme which held at the Village Square of Dori Village, was celebrated in style as Sons and Daughters of the land, within and outside the village turned out en masse to welcome Her Excellency, the First Lady of Taraba State, She who had given them identity.

It is not out of place to say concerning her exploits among the Ndola Nation that, she came, she saw and she conquered, living indelible footprints on the sands of time.

In extolling the First Lady’s qualities, the Director, Bio-Resources Development Center, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology Jalingo, Dr. Jummai Adamu Tutuwa, who was also on her entourage aptly described  her as “a man.”

According to Dr. Jummai, “this journey is a wonderful experience, I am surprised how Her Excellency was able to locate this place because if not for her, I can’t imagine who will spend his or her time to come and locate a place like this. She has done more than is expected of a woman, in fact she is a man, and not a woman.

“This clearly shows that she has Tarabans at heart. She is an excellent woman, a woman that loves people, in my own opinion, she deserves a national award. All I can say is, God bless her and grant her more strength”.

She further appealed to those in privileged positions to emulate the Governor’s wife, as well as called on them to always remember their roots to come back and develope it just as Rev. Nagombe has done.

In the same vein, the Jalingo Local Government CAN Chairman, Rev. Abraham Ogah, also on the entourage described the journey as “powerful and fearful, hectic and full of fatigue”, stressing that, “it takes only a person of passion to embark on such”.

In his words, “humanly speaking, this journey is necessary, divinely speaking it is more than necessary because I see her as a missionary restoring hope and giving life. Her passion and love has propelled her into taking pains to come this far, not just stopping at Bali or Kungana, or even having the Award in Jalingo or any other place.

“For what she has done, she deserves an International Award, as she has made the Government to remember the people, she has made the whole World to remember these people who were wallowing in poverty. This Award is to make people remember her and to also make her remember what she has done”.

He charged prominent people in the State to emulate her, those within the area to support the Coordinator and the Governor’s wife as well as Legislators to speed up bills to develope the Area.

He finally called on the Government of Taraba to showcase the potentials of the area to Federal Government so as to attract development fast to the Community.

The atmosphere in Dori Village, was that of gratitude and jubilation as the inhabitants of the land were seen singing and dancing.

One the women referred to simply as Grace, expressed delight at what was happening in her village. She said, “I am overjoyed at what is happening here today, as you can see, I have lost my voice as a result of singing for joy. I would never have believed that help will ever come our way, but God has sent us help through the Governor’s wife, all I can say is that, may God reward her abundantly”.

Atoamama Yelwa Ndola, a man who displayed some precious stones and herbs, which according to him could cure leprosy and stomach ache, stated that Her Excellency was God sent, and only God who had seen their plight could have done this as he prayed God to bless the Governor’s wife, her husband and all who had contributed to the success story of Ndola.

He further called on Government to help in projecting the area to the World thereby, harnessing its great potentials of  which will fast track the development of the area.

Her Excellency was accompanied by wife of Head of service, Commissioners and wives of Commissioners, Special Advisers and Assistants, Staff of Hope Afresh Foundation Taraba, Religious Leaders, Leaders of various women groups, Security Personnel, Press Crew amongst others.

Dori Village is approximately Two and half hours from Kungana and about Two hours to Sunkuru, but tedious due to the rough terrain through the mountains and forest.

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