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We will Fortify on the Existing Peace in Takum, says Shibans.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Local Government Chairman, aspirant in Takum Local Government, Hon. Shibans Tikari, has expressed optimism that the party will emerge victorious in tomorrow’s election.

Hon. Shibans Tikari said this inTor Se village where the entire PDP faithful came out in their numbers to welcome the Governor Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku who is also a son of the soil and he is expected to cast his vote in his word, Tikari ward.

He maintained that the rally is to assure his Excellency, Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku that the local government is ready and will clinch the seat of the chairman and all councillors seat in the local government.

The aspirant said when victorious he will work round the clock to ensure that the peace iniative of the Governor is pursuit vigorously to engender peace and harmonious coexistence among the people of the state.

Furthermore, Hon. Shibans posited that the rescue mission of the Governor will be replicated in the local government and asserted that PDP has already won the local council election.

The aspirant stressed that peace is a necessary ingredient for development and reaffirmed his determination to work hard for peace to reign supreme in the local government and the state.

The Governor Arc.Darius Ishaku, the chairmanship aspirant and PDP stakeholders of Takum local government in a long motorcade went round Takum with view to mobilising the people for tomorrow’s election


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