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Polls show Darius Gaining Momentum but Citizens Want More.

Despite setbacks in form of high profile decampings, a new survey shows that Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku is on an upward swing with many electorate. They are however urging him to do more in the areas of infrastructural development. The new bounce, the poll shows, is due to the governor’s more people friendly policies and renewed effort to acquaint the citizenry with government performance via media events. Checks by KWARARAFA REPORTERS show that many are starting to key into the governor’s plans for the state, even as they say he is a hard worker. About two-third of those who spoke to KR said they now have a better view of the governor as a serious-minded leader concerned about their security and welfare. Others are equally reluctant to admit that much.

Some respondents who spoke to our reporters noted that they have no problems with the governor, but that he may need to work on his team. A woman who gave her name as Ladi noted that some of the governor’s aides have not marketed his brand well. Ladi, a party activist in Jalingo, said, “as a politician, I’m not happy with many appointees who don’t care about us. You can’t be working for the governor and when you see us, you turn your face away. They are giving ” Oga” a bad name. They should know they are his ambassadors.”
Isah Julde, a resident of Jalingo told KWARARAFA REPORTERS that people have to be realistic about their expectations. He is excited about the water project of the governor which he said has rolled away decades of drought in the capital city and environs. He said residents used to suffer a lot. His words: “I may not vote in the next election but I’m really glad that Darius gave us water. For me, anyone who solves a problem is worthy of commendations. Even my religion permits this.”
Another respondent by name Joshua Casmir said the governor’s commitment to peace has endeared Gov Ishaku to him. He noted that the first duty of any government is to secure lives and properties. Casmir, a teacher, said he was impressed with government’s emphasis on peace. He said, “by clearly spelling it out that if there is peace there would be development, the governor has clearly lay for foundation for lasting peace. Without security both the led and the leaders would have no peace.”
In the demographies, Ishaku appears to be doing well among women more than the youths. His wife, Mrs Ann Ishaku has been able to rally the women folks. The youth are a bit ambivalent in their ratings of Mr. Ishaku. The issues that matter to youths are those of empowerment, job creation, opportunities and emolument. A youth activist who gave his name as Dan was worried that Ishaku has engaged more older folks in governance than the younger generation. But in a rebuttal, a source close to government told KR that this is not the case. He said, “by simple arithmetic, there are more young people in this government. A key commissioner, that of finance, for instance is a young man comparatively. So are many other members of the cabinet.”

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