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Bako Benjamin Protest: Why It Must Be Ignored

In as much as every citizen or group has the constitutional right to stage a protest against any government or concern, the security agencies have the sole responsibility to approve or disapprove such an act. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm inasmuch as it is within the ambit of the law. However, having learned of the antecedent of the chief organizer and the main driver of such a protest, I think he might end up “shooting himself on the foot”.

The reason being that he is targeting an individual and not the establishment itself. DDI couldn’t have been the problem because government in a democracy is an institution consisting of the executive, legislature, judiciary and the very system itself (a sum total of past and present governments) which qualifies as “the establishment”.

One may be justified in his protest if he targets the establishment itself, but targeting a single individual might only be deemed as a mere vendetta. DDI is only a product of the system (establishment). And in the interest of the State, it is wise to allow him to re-engineer the system which has deteriorated to a deplorable state and not engage in mere vendetta because at the end it will not help anyone.

If at all he must be targeted, it must be by constructive criticisms on certain programs, policies and actions that perhaps need to be done differently. In civilized climes, we only have anti- establishment  protests and not anti-personality protests. For example, Americans once protested against the Affordable Healthcare policy of Barack Obama (Obamacare) and not on the person of Barack Obama himself.

Therefore, I don’t see the proposed protest yielding anything. He might end up making a media hype which may be to his advantage. Therefore, the organizer must be ignored by well-meaning citizens of the land.

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