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Safety Tips: How Safe are You with Your Personal Staff?

Several times we find ourselves screaming “Security! Security!! Security”!!! but are we not all responsible for our safety?

How safe are you with that nanny, maid, steward, cook, security guards, driver, lesson teacher, etc., whether at home or in the office?

  1. How well do we know the people mentioned above working with us as household or office staff? Do we have information about their guarantors? Do we ever visit their referees even after a year or two of their engagement?
  2. Do we ever revisit their home addresses, which they provided or call to see if there has been a change in address or phone numbers?
  3. Did you register the maid, drivers, nannies, etc., you keep in your homes with the relevant agencies such as the  Police, Safety Commission or Neighbourhood Vigilante groups? Do you have their photographs?
  4.  Do you attend your Estate/Street meetings or are you so reserved that you have no relationship with your neighbours and too busy to participate in the meetings?
  5. Do you have a WhatsApp group to cater for emergency cases where messages such as when a neighbour is being attacked or robbed, a fire incident, a neighbour is critically ill and needs urgent help, and other emergencies can be sent or exchanged?
  6. Do you know that your cook, nanny, driver, steward, maid, day care centre handlers or lesson teacher, etc., could be HIV positive? He/She can have Hepatitis B or even tuberculosis? What will it cost you to do a medical test for them before you employ them? It is your life that is in danger if you engage a sick victim without knowing their medical history.
  7. Do you know that your driver could be a wanted person by the police in another state for theft or kidnapping or any criminal offences?  Have you done a check on him with the Police and do you have a 5×7 photograph of him? Do you know that he could be hypertensive, have Hbp, poor eyesight or he could have an enlarged heart and not fit to drive?
  8. Is your security guard a citizen or a foreigner from  Niger, Chad and Benin Republic? How did/can you confirm that? If he is a foreigner, is he registered by the requisite organisation and eligible to work here?
  9. Never talk about money transactions or cost of your jewellery or valuables in the presence of your domestic staff. Most thefts usually have in-house informants. Please note that the longer your domestic staff work with you, the more dangerous they can be. They wait for a time to strike when you least expect and they are hardly ever thought to be the suspect.

Don’t be a victim. Do all the necessary checks immediately. Save your life and that of your loved ones. Security and safety are everyone’s business including you and me.

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