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The author of the article while examining the regime of the former Governor of Taraba State Jolly Tavoro Nyame (Dabang Yorro) described the elder statesman as a political prostitute, an hypocrite dancing naked in the public, a biased elder statesman and a partisan apologist who did nothing for the State when he was the Governor other than promoting thuggery, mediocrity and immorality.In buttressing her point on immorality, she described the community or the Local Government Area of Dabang yorro as people with loose lifestyles. She said:

“His legacy (Jolly Nyame) there (in Zing) is an old hotel called Bizare

      Which continuously contribute to the loose lifestyles of the town.”

Ordinarily one would not have bothered himself on the article which can best be described as the ranting of a woman who is deficient in morals, character and civility, except for the misconception or the misleading tendencies it has on the general public. Moreover, the well orchestrated but mischievous attempt of the author at assassinating the personality of his excellency; a renowned father, political Icon, a philanthropist, a bridge builder, a patriot and an arrow head in championing the course of peace and unity during and after his regime as Governor of Taraba State is so glaring and undisputable.

Worse still is the discord and polarisation that such mischievous article could have on the Nigeria society, particularly Taraba State. In her desperate attempt to drag the political career and his performance as former Governor into disrepute, the author provided a platform which she used as the basis to promote her hand driven dynamites which are driven by her ignorance and crafty intellect on the media towards attaining an unjust cause.

If one may ask: What are her grievances against Jolly Nyame? What is the basis of her arguments? Those who have read the article would discover that her arguments are premised on nothing else but simply on ignorance, hatred and fanatical views held against Nyame. Her erroneous views are very far from reality. She failed to come to terms with the fact that Criss-crossing or cross carpeting (Decamping from one political party to another) is the norms or practice and traditions among Nigerian politicians. Interestingly the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999(As amended) recognises the freedom or right to join or belong to any political association of one’s choice. Therefore her divisive, inciting, provocative and mischievous tantrums and invectives against Jolly Nyame is a worthless and misplaced priority.

The author was also of the view that Zing, the home town of Jolly Nyame where he built Bizare Hotel is a community of people with loose lifestyle. This assertion has also confirmed the author’s naivety and biasedness towards social issues. Morality is relative or subjective. Is Zing the only community where hotels, suites or Lodges are built for accommodation and other social engagement purposes? The presence of social infrastructure in a community does not necessarily lead to moral decadence but social development. The author is ill-informed on social development issues.

On other infrastructural development, the author was of the firm view that the regime of Jolly Nyame was characterised by thuggery and under performance. The conservative mind with which the author approached the issue of infrastructural development beclouded her sense of judgment so much that she failed to recognized the fact that the regime of Jolly Nyame was responsible for the construction of Jalingo Airport, Jalingo Ultra Modern Market, State Specialist Hospital, Jalingo Stadium, Jalingo Ultra Modern Market, One thousand Housing Estates at Mile six, Jalingo, recognizeFederal Medical Centre, Jalingo and Taraba State University. The author has (probably) been sleeping since 1999; hence her inability to recognise any project that was carried out by Jolly Nyame.

Assuming but not conceding that that Jolly Nyame did not complete some of the projects before his tenure as Governor expired in 2007, one cannot take away the fact that his administration laid a solid foundation for his successors to build on. I concede the fact that politicians have over the years exploited our differences for selfish political gains. But the hard truth is that the article is widening our differences by singling out a man who has carved a niche for himself, a man who carried every tribe and religion along. We need to rise above primordial sentiments, hypocrisy and hatred.


Jalingo Based Legal Practitioner.

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